11 best-selling Christmas tree stands that’ll last

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Before you head out to pick the perfect Christmas tree, make sure you have a stand ready.

Most artificial Christmas trees have stands built-in or included with them, although you might need to replace it at some point. But if you bring home a fresh-cut tree, you will likely need to provide a stand for yourself. To find the best Christmas tree stand for your tree, there are several factors to consider.

Tips for Choosing the Best Christmas Tree Stand

The first aspect to think about is the size of the stand. Not only does it need to securely and comfortably hold the tree, but it should also fit well in the area where you plan to place it.

Another characteristic to look at is the material and design. If you want to add water and preservative, you will want a Christmas tree stand with a bowl to hold the liquid. Plastic is typically the material for this, as it won’t rust or corrode.

Making sure the stand will remain steady is imperative. Nobody wants to come home to find their tree and ornaments crashed onto the floor. A stand with a sturdy base or legs will provide the safest support.

Consider supplemental features that make the base a little special. Some stands have added details, such as a rotating base or a foot pedal to make setup even easier. You might decide that the best Christmas tree stand for you has one of these special benefits.

Best-Selling Christmas Tree Stands

Whether you have a tree that’s 5 feet, 12 feet or any size in between, the Goliath Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand for Live Trees is up for the task. It features a 28-inch leg span, will support trees with trunks up to 7 inches in diameter and can hold nearly one gallon of water.

The Krinner Tree Genie Tree Genie XXL Christmas Tree Stand is all about ease. Thanks to the foot pedal, you can set up your tree in less than a minute without screws or tools.

The National Tree brand tree stand is simple, sturdy and functional, with the ability to accommodate 6.5- to 8-foot-tall trees. The legs unfold to create a stable base and fold in to simplify storage.

This Cinco C-148 Classic Tree Stand supports Christmas trees up to 10 feet tall. Galvanized pins stabilize the tree in the center of the base, which also has a generous water reservoir and a deep spill guard.

For trees up to 12 feet tall, the JACK-POST Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand provides strength, balance and versatility. It features an ample 29.75-inch leg span and will hold 1.7-gallons of water with an oversized bowl for easy filling.

If you need a new stand for your artificial Christmas tree, the Home Heritage Versatile Electric Rotating Stand Base is one of a kind. This base smoothly rotates to display every side of your beautifully-decorated tree and is available in black, brown, silver or gold.

For artificial trees with adapters build into the poles, the Home Heritage Electric Metal Rotating Christmas Tree Stand offers adapters for 1-inch, 1.25-inch and 1.5-inch trunks. The rotating stand is available in red, gold, silver and black.

If minimalistic Scandinavian design speaks to you, the Tree Nest Family Christmas Tree Stand for Real Trees might be ideal. The stand features a white metal base and four unfinished beech legs for stability.

For real trees up to 10 feet tall, the JACK-POST Oasis Christmas Stand will support narrow or wide trunks up to 6.75 inches in diameter. The plastic base has three eyebolts that secure the tree and a spill-catcher edge to prevent messes.

All dressed up in Christmasy red and green, the National Holiday 5164 Steel Tree Stand is small but steady. Eyebolts prop up the tree trunk, four metal legs keep it balanced and the bowl retains several cups of water.


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