Best Christmas Ribbon For Decorating Gifts This Holiday Season

Best Christmas Ribbon

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Ribbon is not only useful for giving a special touch to gifts. It also looks beautiful when draped around a Christmas tree or hung along the edge of a fireplace. Children can even use the ribbon in a variety of Christmas crafts.

When shopping for the best Christmas ribbon, make sure the fabric used is high-quality. Cotton, polyester and nylon are all good choices. Wired edges are best, as they are durable and keep the edges from fraying. Wire can also help you keep the ribbon shaped exactly as you want it.

Determine how wide you need the ribbon to be before you buy. Wider ribbons are great for replacing garlands, while thin ribbons are better for wrapping small gifts.

Consider going with a spool of twine if you also want to create your own gift tags. You can use a hole puncher at the end of the tag and easily thread the twine through the hole.

Of course, color and style will play a role in your decision. There are spools of sheer Christmas ribbon that have a more elegant feel, as well as ribbon decorated with glitter for added sparkle. You can pick more rustic designs, stick with solid colors, or play with patterns, too.

1. Morex Ribbon Burlap Ribbon, 1.5″ x 10 Yd, Rose Red

Price $10.52

In addition to gifts, this Morex Ribbon Burlap Ribbon roll can be used to decorate wreaths and other holiday floral arrangements. The ribbon comes in rose red, royal blue, moss, lime green, yellow, turquoise and other festive colors.


2. Morex Ribbon Swirl Ribbon, 2.5 Inch by 50 Yards, Red/Gold

Price: $16.26

Add a bit of sparkle to your present with this Morex Ribbon Swirl Ribbon roll. The material is sheer and elegant and decorated with gold swirls made from glitter.


3. Hoki Cotton Bakers Twine Red & White 100M (328 Feet), Packing String, Durable Rope for Gardening, Decoration, Tying Cake and Pastry Boxes, DIY Crafts & Gift Wrapping, for Art and Craft

Price: $10.99

Looking for a decorative ribbon that’s not so thick? The Hoki Cotton Bakers Twine is made from 100% cotton and designed to resemble a candy cane. It’s thin and better able to tie boxes or create gift tags.


4. Cheshire Wired Edged Black and White Dupioni Striped Ribbon 2 1/2″ 10 Yards

Price: $11.99

Created from a high-quality polyester, this Cheshire Wired Edged Black and White Ribbon is durable and extremely versatile. It looks great on birthday, wedding and anniversary gifts, as well as Christmas presents.


5. Morex Ribbon Organdy Ribbon, 5/8-Inch by 100-Yard, Red

Price: $13.05

This spool of Morex Organdy Ribbon is lightweight, sheer and made with finished edges. Shoppers can get the ribbon in red, white, light pink, ivory or black.


6. Kinglake 328 Feet Natural Jute Twine Best Arts Crafts Gift Twine Christmas Twine Durable Packing String

Price: $5.99

You’ll find this Kinglake Natural Jute Twine is available in 12 different colors that can be used for everything from craft and gardening projects to wrapping Christmas and birthday gifts.


7. Hallmark Holiday 3″ Bow Assortment (75 Bows; Traditional Holiday Colors) for Christmas Gifts

Price: $9.15

In addition to ribbon, this Hallmark Holiday 3″ Bow Assortment can be used to decorate Christmas gifts for everyone on your list. Each bag comes with 75 bows in green, red, gold, silver and blue.


8. Morex Ribbon Snowflake Wired Sheer Glitter Ribbon, 2-1/2-Inch by 50-Yard Spool, White/Silver

Price: $16.90

The edges on this Morex Snowflake Sheer Giltter Ribbon  are wired, which means you’ll easily be able to create bows or curls with the ribbon. This spool features 50 yards of a sheer nylon fabric that is decorated with elegant snowflakes.


9. Morex Ribbon 7410.60/50-609 garden, 2.5-In x 50-Yd, Red/White

Price: $19.90

This Morex Ribbon Red/White was created with a peppermint candy cane-inspired look that makes it an excellent choice for decorating Christmas gifts. The ribbon is quality-made and has wired edges for added durability.


10. iPegtop Wired Christmas Ribbon, Assorted Organza Swirl Sheer Glitter Crafts Gift Wrapping Ribbons Colorful Christmas Design Decorations, 36 Yards (6 Roll x 6 yd) by 2.5 inch, Poinsettia Plaid

Price: $25.99

Why stick with just one spool of ribbon when you can have six? This iPegtop Wired Christmas Ribbon set comes with a variety of patterns and colors, including plaid, green poinsettias, metallic gold and true red.


Are you ready to upgrade your gifts and holiday decorations with the best Christmas ribbon?

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