The best Christmas chocolates to ring in the holidays

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Many holiday traditions are centered on special foods, but few are sweeter than those that include chocolate. Customs such as advent calendars, baking, gifts and stocking stuffers are anticipated all year long. And such cherished, indulgent traditions deserve only the best Christmas chocolates.

Of course, taste is subjective. Some people prefer dark chocolate while others only want milk chocolate, and many have favorites, such as white chocolate and candy with or without nuts. But preferences aside, there are several factors to consider when determining what makes one chocolate brand better than another.

What to Look For

Chocolate connoisseurs will tell you to use all of your senses to determine if chocolate is high quality. The best Christmas chocolates will look, smell, taste and even sound better than lower-quality candies.

Look at the list of ingredients in a certain brand to determine whether it is worth choosing. Good chocolate is made with some form of cocoa, such as cocoa butter or cocoa powder. The appearance of chocolate is telling, as well. It should be glossy and smooth without bubbles or blemishes.

Excellent chocolates will be deliciously aromatic, releasing a chocolatey fragrance when touched. Higher-quality chocolate will make a crisp snap when broken. And, of course, exceptional chocolate is rich, smooth and delicious.

And when specifically looking for chocolates for the holiday, candy that has a Christmas-themed flavor or decoration adds an element of joy and fun.

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If you need a gift that will suit almost anyone, it’s hard to go wrong with chocolates. Do you have a favorite?


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