Best Christmas card holder

best christmas card holder

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Even in an era when most long-distance communication is done electronically, sending Christmas cards to family and friends stands the test of time as a cherished tradition. When you want to display the sentimental messages you have received from the people who mean the most to you, only the best Christmas card holder will do.

Displaying holiday cards can serve many purposes. The colorful, varied cards can enhance your home’s Christmas decorations. They can also remind you of those you love both near and far and bring back fond memories of past holidays spent together. You can even collect cards over the years and bring them out every Christmas to add more feeling and tradition to the season.

Choosing The Best Christmas Card Holder

When deciding on the best Christmas card holder for your home, consider where you want to exhibit them. For instance, if you’d like to adorn the mantle with cards, you might prefer a garland-style display that drapes perfectly over the fireplace. A tabletop display can be a fun conversation piece for parties and family gatherings. Alternatively, hanging a card holder in the shape of a wreath is a festive way to welcome guests at your front door.

In this collection of stylish and unique Christmas card holders, you are sure to find one or more that is the perfect complement to your holiday decor.

1. Mkono Hanging Photo Display Wood Stars Garland 

Price: $13.99

The Mkono Hanging Photo Display Garland is simple and elegant, with dangling chains holding wooden stars and 25 gold clips that can easily support Christmas cards. The garland includes hooks and expansion tubes so you can hang it virtually anywhere.


2. Scorpion’s Tabletop Christmas Card Photo Holder Tree Display

Price: $29.94

Enhance your holiday tablescape with the Scorpion’s Tabletop Christmas Card Photo Holder Tree Display, which holds up to 18 Christmas cards. The black metal stand measures 17.5 inches high x 11.25 inches wide and is 5 inches in diameter.


3. Scorpion’s Christmas Holiday Metal Spiral Wreath Greeting Card Holder

Price: $34.94

Scorpion’s Christmas Holiday Metal Spiral Wreath Greeting Card Holder can decorate any door in your home, displaying dozens of cards. Made of looped metal wire, the wreath is 17 inches in diameter and available in gold, silver or mahogany tones.


4. Lauren Lash Christmas Card Holder—Merry Christmas Blocks

Price: $15.99

The Lauren Lash Merry Christmas Blocks Christmas Card Holder is an eye-catching option for displaying holiday greetings.  It will hang on walls or doors using a wreath hanger or hook. The 12-inch x 6-inch sign has three 50-inch ribbons on which you can clip 20-30 Christmas cards.


5. The Lakeside Collection Christmas Card Hanging Display Holder

Price: $27.97

If farmhouse decor speaks to your sense of style, you might appreciate the Lakeside Collection Christmas Card Hanging Display Holder. The rustic red wooden shutter has slots that will hold dozens of cards, and you can hang it on the wall or lean it against furniture.


6. Gallerie II Church Card Holder

Price: $44.60

The Gallerie II Church Card Holder is another old-fashioned, rustic charmer. The distressed white wooden church has a striking 24-inch tall steeple and openings where cards can easily be displayed.


7. Scorpion’s Beautiful Wall Christmas Tree Card Holder

Price: $32.94

If you want to show off a small array of Christmas cards, Scorpion’s Beautiful Wall Christmas Tree Card Holder is unassuming yet lovely. At 19 inches at its widest and 35.25 inches tall, the black metal tree has rings that will hold up to 13 cards.


8. Rustic Farmhouse Wire Hearts Card Holder

Price: $29.99

The Rustic Farmhouse Wire Hearts Card Holder is just right for showing off loads of cards in a small space. It measures 20.5 inches long and will hang nicely on any wall, even alongside a doorframe. The distressed wire holder has a sweet vintage appearance and will hold 18 cards or more.


9. Wooden Let It Snow Wall Hanging Christmas Card Holder

Price: $23.99

The bright and cheery Wooden Let It Snow Wall Hanging Christmas Card Holder lets you dangle season’s greetings on decorative chains. The 12 x 8-inch wooden sign has four chains in varying lengths and 35 adorable wooden snowflake clips to attach cards with.


10. JUMBL Christmas Decoration Wonder Wreath

Price: $20.99

The JUMBL Christmas Decoration Wonder Wreath is sweet, simple and easily customized with all of the cards you receive. The jumbo Christmas card holder measures 44 x 36 inches and can display 50 items in different shapes, sizes and orientations.


Choosing one or more of the best Christmas card holders will make it simple and enjoyable to turn the holiday greetings you receive a major part of your Christmas decorations.

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