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The Best Car Vent Phone Mount

Last updated on March 15, 2024

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Our Picks For The Top Car Vent Phone Mounts

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Beam Electronics Universal Car Vent Phone Mount Cradle

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Beam Electronics

Universal Car Vent Phone Mount Cradle

This car vent phone mount can accommodate virtually any smartphone, making it a solid choice to keep your vehicle organized. The holder easily clips on to your vehicle’s front air vents for simple access. A 360-degree rotation function allows for a safe viewing angle for both drivers and passengers (but don’t look at your phone while your car i...

Overall Take

Universal Smartphone Car HolderThis universal smartphone holder clips easily to your car’s vent slats for simple access.

 Runner Up

Kenu Pocket-Sized Adjustable Car Vent Phone Mount


Pocket-Sized Adjustable Car Vent Phone Mount

If you have a medium or large-sized cell, this car vent phone mount has you covered. Although it weighs just 1 ounce, it offers a superior grip that you can rely on. The mount easily slides on horizontal, vertical and diagonally-shaped vents and can be positioned at any angle.

Overall Take

Two Color OptionsYou'll find this car vent phone mount comes in a choice of a sleek black or a bright white.

 We Also Like

Humixx 4-In-1 Suction Car Vent Phone Mount


4-In-1 Suction Car Vent Phone Mount

The suction on this car vent phone mount is able to withstand up to 52 pounds of pressure, so you can feel confident that it will stay firmly in place. The handy tool also resists extreme temperatures, so you can use it in both warm and cold climates. There's even the option to get the mount in a choice of black, gray or pink.

Overall Take

Stays PutThe arm on this car vent phone mount is adjustable, so you can place your phone at just the right angle.

 Strong Contender

Mongoora 360-Degree Ultra Strong Car Vent Phone Mount


360-Degree Ultra Strong Car Vent Phone Mount

Thanks to the increased silicone on this car vent phone mount, you'll enjoy a firm grip. The unit is also easy to install, and can be used over both vertical and horizontal vent blades. Once installed, you'll be able to move the mount a full 360 degrees to position your phone for maximum viewing.

Overall Take

Increased GripIn addition to a magnetic mount, this car vent phone mount also comes in a lock mount.

Buying Guide

When choosing a car vent holder for your smartphone, the most important thing to think about is the size of your phone. Measure the height, width and depth of your phone and ensure that the manufacturer’s specifications will accommodate the phone you have. Checking reviews from other customers is a good idea, too, just in case you have a phone that isn’t mentioned as being compatible.

Simplemost Media

Keep in mind, too, the size of your phone both with and without its case. If you use any sort of angled display attachments on your phone, they should be measured, too.

Simplemost Media

Car vent holders often are made to spin 360 degrees to enable you the best possible view of your phone. However, it’s important that you never look at your phone while operating a vehicle. Since these mounts may be adjustable, encourage your passenger to check your phone on your behalf while you drive.

The arms on a car vent mount need to be sturdy to properly hold your phone in place. In addition, the holder as a whole should be well-built and tight to your device to prevent wobbling or drops. This is another reason choosing the right size car holder is critical.

Simplemost Media

Many smartphone car vent holders come in black, but you may be able to find other colors or finishes to complement the inside of your vehicle. Once you’ve identified a brand that seems like it would suit your needs, see if they have other colors available.

Finally, car vent mounts come as both traditional case models that grip the sides of your phone, and magnetic models that you simply place your phone on top of. Provided the reviews support the ability of a mount to hold your phone in place, either type can work well. You’ll have to decide which would be better for you.

What to Look For

  • Be sure to measure your phone before you order a vent mount. Many holders claim to be universal, but they won’t fit every phone on the market.
  • Do you or your passengers need frequent access to a phone for directions or calls during a road trip? Magnetic vent holders offer a simple solution.
  • If you’d prefer something with a bit more side stability to prevent jostling of your device, choosing a traditional case-style vent holder can be a good idea.
  • Look for unique colors or interesting patterns if you’d like to spice up your vehicle’s interior with a vent holder. Many vent holders come in a standard black, with some variations available.
  • If you order a vent holder and find it doesn’t sit quite right on your supposedly compatible phone, try taking the case off your phone to see whether it yields a better fit.

More to Explore

When you’re driving, it might seem counterintuitive to keep your smartphone within peeking distance. While it’s true that you shouldn’t look at your phone if your hands are on the wheel, there can be safety benefits to having a smartphone car vent holder.

For instance, keeping your phone mounted nearby means you don’t have to dig around in a bag or glove box when you need to make a hands-free call. Instead, you know your call quality will be stellar, and you can use a digital assistant or Bluetooth connection to request the call be made.

Furthermore, keeping your phone within your reach allows you to quickly mount it when you get ready to drive, avoiding any potentially injurious stretching across the car.

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