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The Best Bug Zapper

Last updated on September 19, 2023
Best Bug Zapper

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Few things can disrupt a beautiful summer night outdoors like pesky insects. Even worse, sometimes one of those pests invades your home. You can spend days swatting at a fly before it finally dies of natural causes. Or you can kill it with a fly swatter or shoo it outside. Either way, you’ll find as soon as you’ve gotten rid of one, another isn’t far behind.

Bug zappers do all that work for you, purging your personal areas of flies, fireflies and whatever else can squeeze its way inside. Using electricity, these devices have ultraviolet light that draws certain insects in.

Unfortunately, mosquitoes generally aren’t attracted to ultraviolet light, so these zappers haven’t proven to be as effective in eliminating those. However, realizing this issue, some modern zappers have an additional feature to attract mosquitoes. It’s important to realize, though, that if you choose a zapper with this feature, you may be required to purchase separate cartridges on a regular basis, upping the cost of the unit you choose.

One of the biggest ways not all bug zappers are created equal is location suitability. Some zappers are made for indoor use only, while others can be used only outdoors. Still others are versatile enough to be functional either inside or outside, making them easy to move around as your needs change.

Although bug zappers vaporize the bugs they zap, you will find that they do leave some residue behind. This means occasionally you’ll need to clean it. If this is a dreaded task, look for a zapper with an easily removable tray that you can wash and bring back without much effort. Clog resistance is an additional benefit since bugs can get trapped due to the design of some bug zappers.

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 Best Seller

LiBa Chemical-Free Screened Bug Zapper

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Chemical-Free Screened Bug Zapper

This bug zapper is a great indoor unit, featuring a removable tray that makes it easy to keep clean. It won't bust your budget, either. It also comes with two replacement bulbs to help you save money long after you've bought it.

Overall Take

Easy to CleanAn easy-to-clean indoor unit with two replacement bulbs.

 Runner Up

Livin’ Well Chemical-Free Steel Bug Zapper

Livin’ Well

Chemical-Free Steel Bug Zapper

When searching for a long-lasting bug zapper, stop and check out this model, which runs for up to 10,000 hours. Flies, gnats and mosquitoes don't stand a chance, as the zapper uses 4,000 volts of electricity. The bottom tray is completely removable, so you won...

Overall Take

Easy to HangThe ring on the top of this bug zapper makes it a cinch to hang up in a tree or on a back porch.

 Best for Hanging

Klahaite Hanging Lantern Bug Zapper


Hanging Lantern Bug Zapper

If mosquitoes and gnats are a problem in your area, consider setting up one of these bug zappers. The device works to attract the insects with a 15-watt light, but then zaps them with electricity when they land on the grid. Just one of these bug zappers can co...

Overall Take

EPA RegisteredYou can use this bug zapper both indoors and outdoors.

  The Best Value

Zap It! LED Light Handheld Bug Zappers, 2-Pack

Zap It!

LED Light Handheld Bug Zappers, 2-Pack

This bug zapper set includes two wands that use a USB charging cable to power up. They work great on smaller insects, like flies, gnats and mosquitoes. Thanks to the 4,000-volt grid, pests are eliminated instantly. A mesh safety net is in place to prevent acci...

Overall Take

Most AffordableThese mini bug zappers come with an LED light, so you can use them at night.

What to Look For

  • Before you shop, know the types of insects you’re hoping to eliminate. If, like many, you want protection against all flying insects, you’ll need to look for one that builds in mosquito protection since mosquitoes aren’t attracted to the ultraviolet light standard bug zappers use. Try to find a zapper that uses separately sold cartridges that attract mosquitoes.
  • Bug zappers are made either for indoor or outdoor use. Check out which area your zapper is designed for before you buy.
  • If you’re buying a bug zapper for outdoors, you’ll need to consider your yard size. Some zappers can cover an area of half an acre, which should handle most city and suburban yards. You may need to use an extension cord to reach all of that yard space.
  • As insects die, they leave behind a residue that may need to be cleaned. Obviously, you’ll want this process to be as easy as possible. Look for zappers with trays that are easy to remove and wash.
  • Clogs can also be a problem with bug zappers. Zappers with grid designs can resist clogging.
  • Although you likely won’t be touching your bug zapper on the regular, you’re likely concerned about safety if you have children around. Zappers with casing designed to protect against burns are ideal for homes with children or pets.
  • Bug zappers are generally fairly cheap. Some are commercial grade but approved for home use. Although this makes them very effective, it also pushes the price tag up by hundreds of dollars.

More to Explore

One natural alternative to bug zappers is the Venus flytrap, an intriguing plant that possesses the ability to capture and digest small insects. When a bug stimulates the hairs located on the lobes of the plant, it clamps around the object, snapping shut in a matter of milliseconds. There are glands on the surface of the leaf that can digest the body of the prey, contributing to its red appearance. Once the Venus flytrap has caught an insect, the digestive process can take about 10 days, at which point the leaf will once again open and await its next prey. You can purchase Venus flytraps at local nurseries and some hardware stores.