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The Best Blow Dryer

Last updated on October 10, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Blow Dryers

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Remington D3190 Tourmaline Technology Damage Protection Blow Dryer

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D3190 Tourmaline Technology Damage Protection Blow Dryer

This 1,875-watt dryer is comfortable to handle and helps keep your hair safer with the special tech it uses. The three options for heat provide you with flexibility. You also get two attachments.

Overall Take

Compact Yet PowerfulConsider this option if you want a smaller dryer that can still dry your hair quickly and without damage.

 Top Pick

Revlon Salon Dry & Go Curly & Wavy Hair Blow Dryer, 1875-Watt


Salon Dry & Go Curly & Wavy Hair Blow Dryer, 1875-Watt

Designed for travel, this compact blow dryer is nice and lightweight and outfitted with a ring for hanging. It comes with two heat settings and is powerful enough to dry your hair quickly, so you can get to work or school on time. You can even get the tool in a choice of black, yellow or pink.

Overall Take

Economical OptionWhen shopping on a budget, this high-end, yet low-cost blow dryer is for you.

 Runner Up

REVLON 1875 Watt Precision Infrared Blow Dryer


1875 Watt Precision Infrared Blow Dryer

Providing 1,875 watts of power, this option helps dry your hair efficiently and evenly thanks to the infrared and ceramic technologies. It has two settings for both speed and heat. You also get two attachments and some sectioning clips.

Overall Take

Works EfficientlyIf you want to save time and reduce frizz, this dryer handles the job efficiently.

 Runner Up

Conair Professional Ionic Conditioning Blow Dryer, 1875-Watt


Professional Ionic Conditioning Blow Dryer, 1875-Watt

Available in teal or a black-and-silver color combination, this ionic option helps dry any type of hair more quickly and smoothly. You can choose from three settings for heat alongside the two speed options.

Overall Take

Versatile and ProtectiveThis blow dryer provides solid performance with its powerful wattage and ionic feature.

Buying Guide

A good blow dryer comes in handy whenever you’d rather not wait hours for your hair to dry naturally. It’s also a great tool for styling your hair during the drying process. Whether you prefer straight tresses or defined curls, you can use the dryer with tools like brushes and attachments to achieve your desired look.

Blow dryers will differ in size, weight and comfort of use. A compact dryer works well on the go and whenever you prefer handling something more lightweight. But if you want something more powerful, you might want to look for a traditional-sized dryer that can be heavier but save you time.

Paying attention to the blow dryer’s power in watts is essential. You’ll find options starting around 500 watts for travel dryers and going up to 3,600 watts for professional tools. However, 1,875-watt dryers are especially a popular choice for everyday users. Keep in mind that while more powerful options can cut your drying time by blowing out hotter and faster air, they can also raise your electric bill.

You’ll want to check the different speed and heat settings the blow dryer offers. You’ll usually get at least hot and cool settings and high and low air speeds. However, some blow dryers offer more flexibility with a medium heat setting that’s often a good compromise if the lowest option dries your hair too slowly yet the highest option could compromise your hair. Many blow dryers also have a cool shot button for setting your dried hair.

If you’re looking for less damaging options, you should consider blow dryers with ceramic or ionic technology. While they can be more expensive, these dryers can help your hair look shinier and less frizzy. They also allow you to dry your hair more quickly with a less damaging heat setting.

You’ll likely want to choose a model with attachments so you can target the dryer’s airflow accordingly. The concentrator nozzle is one popular option that works great for getting a smooth look and voluminous roots. If you have curls, you’ll find the diffuser attachment very helpful for minimizing frizz and making your curls look more defined.

What to Look For

  • A rule of thumb is to let your hair air dry at least halfway before you reach for the blow dryer.
  • Always use some kind of heat-protection spray or cream before you start blow drying your hair. You’ll also want to apply your other usual styling products.
  • To get the best results, use a structured approach when drying your hair. Rather than aiming at random parts, use clips to section out your hair beforehand. You can then focus on one layer at a time.
  • While drying your hair, focus on your roots so you can get better volume. A round brush and concentrator attachment helps with this. You can then work your way down to the tips of your hair.
  • If you have hair that’s really thick or curly, it could take up to half an hour to dry, while you could finish in 15 minutes or less with thin hair. However, the dryer’s power, the settings you use, your hair type and your technique can all affect the actual drying time.
  • To minimize heat damage, keep the dryer several inches away from your strands and don’t blow hot air on one section for too long. In addition, don’t use a higher heat setting than what’s suitable for your hair type and condition. If in doubt, use the lower setting you’re considering.
  • If possible, give your hair a break from the heat and only blow dry it a few times a week.
  • While most blow dryers have cords that can accommodate typical use, you might want one with a long cord if you need more flexibility for which outlet you use.
  • Save your blow dryer’s cold shot button for last since the cool air is what helps set your hair. It can also help with cutting down on frizz.

More to Explore

Check out these fun facts about blow dryers:

  • It was once common for people to use vacuum cleaners with hose attachments to dry their hair. While you wouldn’t want to try that method today, some special blow dryers available similarly suck your hair into the nozzle, and this option can benefit those with hard-to-dry hair.
  • While you might take lightweight blow dryers for granted, the original handheld version from 1915 weighed two pounds and only provided 100 watts of power. This would have been much more uncomfortable to use both due to the weight and long dry time.
  • Did you know a blow dryer is good for more than drying your hair? The hot air can help you remove stickers, crayon marks and gum more easily from surfaces. It can even help you successfully inflate an air mattress if you do so carefully.

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