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The Best Black Dresser

Last updated on October 9, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Black Dressers

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 Top Pick

WLIVE Wear-Resistant Fabric Bins Black Dresser

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Wear-Resistant Fabric Bins Black Dresser

Available in three black shades, this dresser has two fabric drawers on the bottom and three on the top. It comes in two height options to suit different uses. The frame is metal, while the wooden top is resistant to water.

Overall Take

Multiple Shades and SizesConsider this option if you'd like multiple black shades and dresser sizes to choose from.

 Runner Up

YITAHOME Steel Frame 8 Drawer Black Dresser


Steel Frame 8 Drawer Black Dresser

Featuring a black frame, this dresser has eight fabric drawers that have a dark gray color. It's made to be roomy, versatile and sturdy. The assembly process is simple even for beginners.

Overall Take

Plenty of RoomThis option provides you with plenty of roomy drawers to hold all your essentials.

 We Also Like

South Shore 6 Drawer Wood Construction Black Dresser

South Shore

6 Drawer Wood Construction Black Dresser

Measuring almost five feet long, this classy dresser is a good choice when you have room for a large piece of furniture. Each of the three rows has two drawers. This black wooden unit has silver knobs that stand out.

Overall Take

Wide and ModernIf you want a classy dresser that can take up a large space, this model is a great choice.

 Strong Contender

CubiCubi Anti-Tipping System 8 Drawer Black Dresser


Anti-Tipping System 8 Drawer Black Dresser

This dresser comes in small and large sizes and has a monotone look. Equipped with eight fabric drawers, it's versatile enough to work in any place where you need to store items. There's also a safety feature to prevent tipping.

Overall Take

Suits Many SettingsYou'll find this dresser handy if you want a trendy and functional piece of furniture that suits many settings.

Buying Guide

Most often placed in a bedroom, a dresser is a type of chest with drawers where you can conveniently store your clothing and other items. While this piece of furniture comes in many colors, a black dresser particularly creates a modern and high-end feel that other colors like brown don’t. Plus, this color works alongside many other shades in the room, and it doesn’t easily show dirt and defects.

To find the right black dresser, you should first have in mind the kind of look you prefer. There are various shades of black, including onyx, charcoal and rustic black. You’ll also find dressers with two tones such as one having a black frame but drawers that are brown or gray. 

You’ll need to determine how big of a dresser you want for the place where you plan to put it. You can find wide dressers that take up a good portion of a wall as well as narrow dressers that look more like a storage tower. There are also medium-sized options that still provide enough room for your clothes but can fit in a tighter space in your bedroom. Thinking about the space you have along with how much you need to store will guide you.

The number and types of drawers vary for different dressers, so consider your organizational preferences. Some dressers have one wide drawer per row for simplicity. However, others mix up the drawer sizes and may even vary them by row. For example, you might get two drawers for all rows, or you may have three drawers on one row, two on the next row and one wide drawer on the last row.

Getting a sturdy dresser is important, so consider the materials used throughout. Many modern dressers feature a metal frame that is durable and easy to maintain, while the top is usually made of a reinforced particle board. The drawers are often made of a sturdy fabric and pull out conveniently. Other designs made entirely of wood offer a classic feel and durability, and these have traditional drawers and are heavier pieces of furniture.

What to Look For

  • Something great about a dresser is its versatility. Rather than just having one in your bedroom, you can creatively use dressers in other spaces such as hallways, living rooms, dens, storage rooms and even kitchens. You can use it to store items such as bedding, towels, books, tools, toys, office supplies and dishes.
  • Some black dressers have a large mirror attached so that they can function like vanities. These are handy for getting dressed and putting on your makeup, but they’ll take up more space due to the width and height of the mirror. If your black dresser lacks a mirror, you can always place one on the wall above it.
  • The top space on your black dresser has many possible uses. You can always put accessories like jewelry and cosmetics there, or you can use the space to set up pictures, houseplants and decorations for your room. If you use the dresser in your home office, the top makes a good place to put a printer, while you could put a small TV there in your bedroom or living room.
  • Before shopping for a black dresser, always measure the available space and have the width, depth and length handy. Give yourself some extra room for each dimension to avoid the hassles of ending up with a piece of furniture that doesn’t fit and having to either rearrange other furniture or send the dresser back.
  • Make sure you understand how difficult the particular dresser is to assemble and which tools you’ll need. Taking a look at the instructional manual and looking for indicators that the model is easy to assemble will help. If you buy something more complex, consider getting a friend, family member or professional to help, especially if you choose a large dresser. 
  • Dusting off and cleaning your black dresser is usually easy. You can simply use soap and water to clean a metal frame, fabric drawers and particleboard top. If you have a traditional wooden dresser, you can also use a furniture polish that you buy from the store or make at home using a combination of white vinegar and olive oil.
  • Especially if you have children, take the extra steps to anchor the unit to the wall to prevent it from tipping over and causing harm. You can use hardware included with the dresser or purchase a separate anchoring kit.

More to Explore

Black furniture is very trendy since it offers a unique look that catches the eye, but you might not know that the color also has an effect on how large your room looks. While you can use a light-colored dresser to make a small space look more open, a black dresser best suits a larger room since it can make the space look shrunken.

That’s not to say that you can’t add a black dresser to a small bedroom, but it will help to properly accessorize and use complementary colors for a balanced look. First, you’ll want to make sure that you keep the room well-lit. Rather than overwhelming the area with a lot of dark furniture, mix things up with lighter pieces or even something with a bright color to stand out. You can also add lighter-colored rugs, pillows, wall decorations and plants.

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