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The Best Bike Saddle

Last updated on September 13, 2021

We looked at the top 7 Bike Saddles and dug through the reviews from 18 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Bike Saddles.

Bike Saddle

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Our Picks For The Top Bike Saddles

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Product Overview
Key Takeaway
 Best All-Purpose

Bikeroo Padded Bike Saddle

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Padded Bike Saddle

This soft, sturdy bike saddle has a 7.8-inch seat that’s ideal for cyclists with wider sit bones. With dual-spring suspension and a hollow middle channel, it offers long-lasting comfort and ventilation.

Overall Take

Breathable Comfort for WomenUniversal rail mounting makes this saddle ideal for any type of bike.

" The bike seat is wide and best suited for women although there have been positive reviews from men too."
"The width makes many people unhappy."
 Best Cushion

Xmifer Oversized Universal & Waterporoof Bike Saddle


Oversized Universal & Waterporoof Bike Saddle

Stay comfortable in any weather! This bike saddle is made from a waterproof microfiber leather and features an airflow vent in the middle. Memory foam and shock proofing will help ensure a smooth ride with this extra-wide seat.

Overall Take

Keep Cool and DryEnjoy a dry and cushioned ride on your bike with this seat.

" Waterproof materials. Anti-scratch leather top."
"The two metal plates on the underside can make it difficult to tilt the saddle up."
 Best for Night Rides

DAWAY Memory Foam & Leather Wide Bicycle Saddle With Taillight


Wide Bicycle Saddle With Taillight

With an 8.7-inch memory foam seat, this bike saddle is ideal for casual cyclists who sit upright. Dual-spring suspension absorbs shock, and a non-slip waterproof fabric makes this a durable, trustworthy option. It also comes with a taillight to ensure you will be seen when biking at dusk.

Overall Take

Exceptional Comfort, Extra SafetyThis bike saddle keeps you from feeling the impact of bumps.

" Easy to attach – The included rail clamp makes it extremely easy to attach the seat to virtually any type of bicycle."
"It may produce a squeaky sound during paddling."

Velmia Trekking Bike Bike Saddle


Trekking Bike Bike Saddle

Overall Take

" Anti-slip design with enhanced resistant features. Easy and versatile fit construction for comfort."

Buying Guide

Picking the perfect bike saddle can be daunting, because every cyclist has different needs. There are two main shapes of bike saddle: performance saddles are long and narrow to help avoid thigh chafing and improve speed and control. They are best suited for biking over long distances or uneven terrain. Cushioning saddles typically have a shorter nose and a wide base with lots of padding. They prioritize comfort and shock absorption, and they’re a great choice for recreational cycling.

Your body type and posture will also affect the best choice of saddle for you. When a bike saddle is advertised as being for women, what’s typically meant is that the saddle is ideal for a person with wider spacing between sit bones. Cyclists with a wider sit-bone spacing or cyclists who sit upright or lean forward only slightly find saddles with a wide base a good fit.

If you have a narrower pelvis and cycle while leaning far forward or even standing, a performance bike saddle can be the better choice. Some bike saddles come with hollow vents in the middle, which increase ventilation and can ease pressure on the soft tissue in the perineal area.

Bike saddles typically feature gel or foam cushioning. You can also get a bike saddle with no cushioning, which takes longer to break in but stays cooler than gel or foam. Gel cushioning provides the most comfort for casual cycling, but it won’t keep its shape as long as foam cushioning will. Foam cushioning provides long-lasting support and is available in a range of firmness, with soft foam providing more comfort and firm foam more durability.

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Our experts reviewed the top 7 Bike Saddles and also dug through the reviews from 18 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Bike Saddles.

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What to Look For

  • Remember that you’re not stuck with the saddle that comes with your bike. Investing in a comfortable, durable bike saddle is a great way to upgrade a budget bicycle and improve your overall cycling experience.
  • Upper or lower back pain after bike rides can be a good sign that you need to look for a different bike saddle.
  • Your perfect saddle depends on your body and cycling habits: Core strength, posture, where you cycle, pelvis width and soft tissue distribution all factor into your specific needs for a bike saddle.
  • When you’re in the market for a new bike saddle, it can be a good idea to stop by a local bike shop. They’ll often let you try out different saddles before purchasing.

More to Explore

The first women-specific bicycle company was founded by Georgena Terry in 1985, when she noticed that bike manufacturers mostly designed bikes for cyclists with narrow pelvises and big hands. Terry’s company, Terry Precision Cycling, produced bikes with handlebars made for smaller hands and saddles that supported cyclists with wider sit bones and airflow vents to protect soft tissue and increase breathability.

Thanks to the efforts of Terry and people like her, many bike saddles now exist for cyclists with all different body types.

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