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The Best Big Girls’ Underwear

Last updated on January 13, 2022
Best Big Girls' Underwear

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Children usually start wearing big kid underwear around age 2 or 3, once they’ve been potty trained and no longer wear diapers. Their underwear should always be soft, and 100% cotton is usually the best choice because it feels good against the skin, and it’s absorbent and breathable.

Many brands have unique sizing charts, so it’s best to check those before buying. For example, Fruit of the Loom recommends a size 4 for girls who weigh from 30 to 38 pounds, size 6 for 39 to 49 pounds and so forth. Other brands have different guidelines, and you’ll want to ensure the best fit for your little one.

These charts also show waist sizes, which can make a difference. Measure at your child’s natural waist instead of over their pants; buying one size up is never a bad idea, either. (If you are currently potty training, however, make sure the underwear fits snugly, as extra space in the underwear might lead to more leaks should an accident occur.)

The most common style for big girls’ underwear is briefs. These can start at the belly button or right above or below that, and they fit somewhat snugly to the body. Bikinis, thongs, boy shorts and other styles are generally better for older girls, teens and adults.

When shopping for big girls’ underwear, look for features that will make them more comfortable, like no tags and fabric-covered elastic at the waist and leg openings. Most brands offer these, so you won’t have to spend a small fortune to get good quality.

Also know that just like socks, underwear tends to get lost in the laundry and elsewhere, so it is always smart to stock up with extra pairs. Finally, if you find a brand that she really likes, you may want to stick with buying that brand as she grows into the next size.

Our Picks For The Top Big Girls' Underwear

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 Top Pick

Carter’s No-Pinch Elastic Waistband Big Girls’ Underwear, 8-Count

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No-Pinch Elastic Waistband Big Girls' Underwear, 8-Count

This eight-pack of girls’ underwear is made from soft cotton and designed with a flexible pull-on waistband. It features a silky-soft feel and no tags to cause itching. This is a good, basic variety of underwear to start building her collection.

Overall Take

Pastel Colors and PatternsWith a trusted brand name like Carter's, you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality underwear.

 Runner Up

Winging Day Fade Resistant Big Girls’ Underwear, 6-Count

Winging Day

Fade Resistant Big Girls' Underwear, 6-Count

Winging Day's charming underwear sets come with unique designs that stand out from many other brands. They are decorated with teeny pictures of ballerinas, friendly ladybugs, mermaids, dinosaurs and more. There is almost certainly a pattern that will appeal to one of her interests or hobbies.

Overall Take

A Variety of Pretty PatternsBig girls just love all the cool little patterns on these underthings.

 We Also Like

Hanes Tagless Cotton Big Girls’ Underwear, 10-Count


Tagless Cotton Big Girls' Underwear, 10-Count

With this set of 10 coordinating pairs of big girls' underwear, she'll always have clean ones on hand. You'll rest assured knowing that she will be cool and comfortable in the 100% cotton material. Cotton is also important for the prevention of infection.

Overall Take

Extra Pairs to WearThis product is soft to the touch and made to hold up to repeated washings.

 Strong Contender

Boboking Fabric Covered Waistband Big Girls’ Underwear, 6-Count


Fabric Covered Waistband Big Girls' Underwear, 6-Count

Boboking’s breathable cotton underwear sets feature cool designs like zebras, unicorns, foxes and fairies. Each pair has covered fabric waistbands and leg bands to prevent uncomfortable pinching. This is a great choice for kids learning to transition out of diapers or pull-ups.

Overall Take

Plenty of Different DesignsThese panties are so cute and comfortable, she'll want a pair in every pattern.

What to Look For

  • If she’s complaining that her underwear is uncomfortable, there is probably a good reason. Try another size or brand.
  • It’s not a good idea to cut tags off underwear, because you can either leave a tiny, scratchy piece or make a hole in the material. If your little one dislikes the feel of tags, look for a tagless variety.
  • Follow the laundering instructions on the underwear. Pairs made from 100% cotton may shrink if you’re not careful when washing them.
  • Is your little girl potty training? Buy some adorable undies in her favorite pattern or with a beloved character (she can help you pick them out) and give them to her as a reward when she does well.

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Potty training can be one of the most challenging parts of parenting toddlers. Be persistent, hang in there and remember that accidents are not necessarily a bad thing.

That’s right: Accidents provide an essential learning opportunity by showing children how long they can hold it in, and it helps them become more aware of their body’s cues.

Just like learning how to walk and read, potty training is a process that takes time and patience. Not wanting to have accidents can be very motivating (as can rewards like new pairs of cute big girls’ underwear).

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