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The Best Beef Jerky

Last updated on August 18, 2023
Best Beef Jerky

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Jack Link’s Slow Cooked Beef Jerky, 2-Count

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Jack Link’s

Slow Cooked Beef Jerky, 2-Count

Tantalize your taste buds with this sweet and savory beef jerky. The jerky is made from a premium beef and cooked slowly over hardwood smoke. It comes in a resealable bag, so you can snack on it a little bit at a time.

Overall Take

Great Source of ProteinNot only is this beef jerky high in protein, but it's also low in calories.

 Runner Up

SOGO Snacks Original Healthy Beef Jerky, 12-Count

SOGO Snacks

Original Healthy Beef Jerky, 12-Count

These beef jerky sticks are made with beef from pasture-raised, free-range cows that are grass fed. They do not contain any sugar or gluten, and are minimally processed. They are great for Keto, Whole30 and Paleo diets.

Overall Take

The Cleanest IngredientsThe grass-fed cows are raised without any antibiotics or growth hormones.

 Strong Contender

Lorissa’s Kitchen Individually Wrapped Beef Jerky, 12-Count

Lorissa's Kitchen

Individually Wrapped Beef Jerky, 12-Count

Each of the 12 beef jerky sticks in this pack are individually wrapped, making them perfect for school lunchboxes or grabbing on the go. The sticks are made using 100% grass-fed beef and work well with keto and gluten-free diets. One serving provides 6 grams of protein and is just 130 calories.

Overall Take

Great for On the GoThese beef jerky sticks are more savory than sweet.

 We Also Like

Righteous Felon Natural Savory & Spicy Beef Jerky Box, 8-Count

Righteous Felon

Natural Savory & Spicy Beef Jerky Box, 8-Count

Each of the eight bags of beef jerky in this set feature a different pirate character. Four of the bags contain savory jerky, while the remaining four are spicy. The guilt-free sampler is low in sugar, but high in protein.

Overall Take

Fun CharactersAll of the ingredients in this beef jerky are clean and free of gluten.

Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a high-protein snack that’s savory, salty and brings just the right amount of chewiness, you’ll want to try beef jerky. Beef jerky is typically made from the leaner cuts of beef that tend to be a bit tough. The meat is cooked for a long time at a low heat. Beef sticks, which resemble skinny sausages, are higher in fat than beef jerky. Most beef snacks are fairly high in sodium, and some contain a preservative like nitrites.

Beef jerky and beef jerky sticks are a convenient snack for on the go. Many brands come individually packaged, so each piece of jerky is wrapped for freshness. This makes them perfect for taking to school or the office for lunch. You can also take these individually wrapped snacks when you’re going for a hike or going camping, as they are great for giving you a boost of energy and keeping you full thanks to the high amount of protein.

What to Look For

  • When you’re looking for the best beef snack for you, take taste and texture as two of the most important elements to consider. Many beef jerky sticks are on the spicier side, made with different kinds of peppers. Others have a distinct smoky flavor and smell. Some have a sweeter taste, with hints of brown sugar and garlic. You can even find beef jerkies that have complex fruit flavors. Consider what kinds of flavors you like best.
  • Chewiness is a distinct characteristic of beef jerky. While they may seem tough to bite into because of the casing, they soften up as you chew them. Consider whether you prefer a softer or more textured feel. Different brands have different amounts of chewiness. The type of outer casing also affects how chewy the beef jerky sticks are.
  • If you’re on a high-protein diet, some beef jerky types might work within your restrictions. Depending on the brand and specific nutritional information, beef sticks can work within the keto, Whole30, Paleo and gluten-free diets. Many products are also non-GMO.

More to Explore

Always opt for whole, natural ingredients when possible for the healthiest beef snack, though everything is fair in moderation. There are a couple of ingredients to watch out for. Ensure that the beef jerky stick doesn’t contain any fillers and is only made from 100% beef. Some brands use high-quality beef that is hormone and antibiotic-free. Fillers are typically used to bind the meat together, but they do not add any nutritional or flavor value. Some beef sticks contain dairy and gluten as well, which can affect those who are on a dairy-free or gluten-free diet. Always check the ingredient list for any hidden items you may not initially consider.

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