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How to pick the best sheets for hot sleepers

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Tossing and turning on sweaty nights? If you’re someone who struggles to stay cool while catching your z’s, finding the right sheets is crucial for the best night’s sleep. We spoke with sleep experts to break down the simple secrets to picking the best bed sheets that can keep you feeling cool and comfortable, even on the hottest of nights.

Before you start sheet shopping, though, Dr. Anthony Izzo sleep neurologist and the medical director at the Sleep Center at Community Neuroscience Services, recommends speaking with your doctor if you’re sweating at night. According to Dr. Izzo, they could have bigger health implications.

But if you’ve got a clean bill of health and need knew sheets, here are the ones to consider according to our experts.

Cotton Sheets

Threadmill Luxury 800 Thread Count King 100% Cotton Sheets

$99.99 at Amazon

When it comes to beating the heat at night, cooling sheets are a game-changer, offering a refreshing touch that ensures you stay comfortably cool, and cotton is one of the best choices for hot sleepers. Izzo recommends cotton sheets but says it’s important to pick a high thread count.

“Higher thread counts mean softer sheets, which translate to a more comfortable sleep experience,” he says. “I tell my patients to look for thread counts of around 500. Higher than that doesn’t necessarily mean better, but lower than that will lead to a less comfortable night in bed.”

These Threadmill Luxury 800 Cotton Sheets feel just like fancy hotel bedding with an 800 thread count for ultimate comfort all night long. They also feature a deep pocket to fit on your mattress snugly without slipping off.

Percale Sheets

percale sheet set

$53.54 at Amazon

Percale sheets are lightweight, crisp and typically made from cotton, polyester or other synthetic fabrics. People often compare them to the feel of hotel sheets but at a great affordable price point. These Eddie Bauer sheets come in many patterns including classic plaid and cabin-chic inspired designs.

Linen Sheets

linen sheet set

$153 (was $180) at Silk and Snow

Chelsey Borson, a certified sleep consultant and the founder of Luna Leaps, says, “Opt for bed sheets made from breathable materials such as cotton, linen or bamboo. These natural fibers possess excellent moisture-wicking properties, facilitating better airflow and heat dissipation. Additionally, they aid in absorbing excess sweat, ensuring a cooler sleep experience.”

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Bamboo Sheets

bamboo sheet set

$85.00 at Amazon

Borsan recommends bamboo sheets, saying “Bamboo fabric is exceptionally breathable, hypoallergenic, and possesses inherent antimicrobial properties. Its moisture-wicking and thermo-regulating qualities contribute to maintaining a cool and comfortable body temperature throughout the night.”

These Doz by Sijo bamboo bed sheets are made from 100% bamboo and come in a range of colors and sizes. They are made with a sateen weave that drapes beautifully over the skin and is comfortable and cool.

Eucalyptus Sheets

eucalyptus sheet set

$85 (was $95) at Sijo

Eucalyptus sheets are naturally cooling as they help regulate body temperature. They are also anti-microbial and allergy and asthma-friendly. Choose from eight calming colors in sizes from twin to California king. This sustainable fabric is an eco-friendly choice you can feel good about.

You can also customize your bedding choice by ordering with or without a flat sheet depending on how you prefer to sleep. With rave reviews, these cool-to-the-touch sheets are a top choice.

Silk Sheets

silk sheet set

$409.99 at Amazon

Silk sheets are known as the ultimate in luxury bedding and can be quite expensive. However, they keep you cool thanks to the breathability of the natural fibers. Thxsilk 100% silk sheet sets come in more than a dozen different colors and include a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillow shams.

Even a silk pillowcase by itself, like the Celestial Silk range which comes in many colors and designs from $41.99, will help keep you cool. It’s also gentle on your skin and hair while you sleep.

Smart Fabric

smart fabric sheet set

$115 (was $149.95) at PeachSkinSheets

Borsan says, “For hot sleepers, it is crucial to prioritize breathability, moisture-wicking, and cooling properties when selecting bed sheets. The right choice can significantly enhance the quality of sleep for those who struggle with overheating.”

Smart fabrics can keep you feeling cool even on the hottest summer nights. PeachSkinSheets are made from a high-performance smart fabric with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification to keep you safe from harmful substances. They have a 1500 thread count and are meant to be incredibly soft against the skin while keeping you cool. They are also designed to decrease sweating and overheating in the night.

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What Is the Best Material for Sheets to Keep You Cool?

Izzo and Borson agree that the best bed sheets for keeping you cool are made from 100% cotton. Borson also recommends bamboo and linen sheets in addition to cotton.

What Weave and Thread Count Should Cooling Sheets Have?

Izzo recommends cooling sheets with a high thread count of at least 500. He also said that the type of mattress you have can affect your comfort.

“Sleeping hot or overheating can also happen with certain mattresses. Memory foam mattresses retain much more body heat than coil mattresses, as coil mattresses have good air circulation which carries body heat away.”

Choosing the right sheets can help you stay cool and comfortable leading to more restful sleep and a more energetic you come the next morning.

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