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The Best Bed Canopies & Drapes

Last updated on November 12, 2021
Best Bed Canopies & Drapes

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Twinkle Star Easy Installation Polyester Bed Canopies & Drapes

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Twinkle Star

Easy Installation Polyester Bed Canopies & Drapes

Crafted from extra-fine black mesh polyester, this beautifully made four-poster bed canopy takes mere seconds to install from a ceiling hoop. It can fit up to a king-sized bed.

Overall Take

A Dramatic AccentUse this draping bed netting indoors or out to keep out bugs or for decorating your sleeping space.

 Runner Up

Nattey Dustproof Top Bed Canopies & Drapes


Dustproof Top Bed Canopies & Drapes

Offered in five dreamy colors, this classic and cozy bed curtain canopy comes in several shades. It fits perfectly on full-sized bed canopy frames. Best of all, the top of this canopy is dustproof.

Overall Take

The Royal TreatmentThe sides of this fabric cascade down gently for the ultimate princess bed experience.

 We Also Like

Joyreap Polyester All-Round Bed Canopies & Drapes


Polyester All-Round Bed Canopies & Drapes

This is an opulent bed canopy that is fit for a queen. It is made with the classic four-opening design that will make you feel as though your bedroom is actually situated within a palace.

Overall Take

Romantic ExtravaganceSurround yourself with an atmosphere of luxury with this stunning canopy that comes in multiple colors.

 Strong Contender

Comtelek Battery Powered String Lighting Bed Canopies & Drapes


Battery Powered String Lighting Bed Canopies & Drapes

This unique eight-corner bed canopy adjusts from twin to king size. It is made from ultra-fine mesh and comes with a 43-feet-long string of twinkling fairy lights. Your room will be utterly transformed with this option.

Overall Take

Spectacular SlumberYou will be off to dreamland within minutes of getting into bed when you sleep beneath this splendid, light-up bed covering.

Buying Guide

Bed canopy curtains are fun for kids, but adults like them also for intimacy, protection and seclusion. Lightweight curtains can provide an enclosed environment that makes your sleep feel exotic and private. The panels can be opened up or tied back whenever you prefer, making them a versatile option.

Canopy beds and four-poster beds are not exactly the same thing. Canopy beds are made with overhanging fabric roofs supported by frames, usually with thin fabric curtains hanging down the sides. They do not have posts that are part of the bed frame. Instead, those frames are purchased separately and placed around the bed. Four-poster beds, meanwhile, have frames for curtains built into them, with a post at each corner.

Canopy and four-poster beds can both accommodate hanging fabric, but the canopies are not usually sold with the frames or vice-versa. Some canopies can be hung from ceilings, with hardware (hooks, ties and rings) that may or may not be included; others can be easily installed with ceiling or wall hooks. This is a less expensive alternative to buying a frame.

Canopy beds can add a look of romantic sophistication to your bedroom, and they will also provide extra warmth. If you have allergies, you will want to wash the curtains often, since they can gather dust and dander, along with anything that flows or flies in through your windows.

The fabric for the canopy can be heavy, but you may want to avoid that because the sleeping area can heat up dramatically when the curtains are closed. If you have curtains on your windows, you will most likely want them to coordinate with the canopy.

What to Look For

  • Canopies look best in bedrooms that have higher ceilings, but you can still use them with low height clearances. Just be sure to measure the space you have twice before buying anything.
  • Pets may like your canopy bed curtains, but dogs, cats and birds can damage them. The fabric for these products is often thin and sheer, and it can be ruined by playful paws and sharp claws.
  • The canopy curtains are normally sold separately from bed frames.
  • Sometimes, canopies are sold with additional lighting. Read the fine print to see what is included with your purchase if that’s a route you want to take.
  • Check the manufacturer’s labeling before washing your bed canopy to be sure you are caring for it properly.

More to Explore

Though consumers mostly associate canopy beds with whimsy and romance, history shows that these beds were first used simply for added privacy in royal bedrooms.

They were introduced in Medieval Europe around the 13th century, and could largely be found in castles. Lords and their families would sleep in great halls where it was warm, surrounded by their servants. Thus, canopy beds were originally designed to maintain some needed privacy. The lord’s bed was closed off by heavy curtains suspended from the ceilings. Later on, frames were added for support.

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