Best battery-powered cordless screwdriver

best battery powered cordless screwdriver

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Having the right tool for a build or repair job makes a world of difference. It can be something as large as a top-performing lawn mower or a smaller device, like the best battery-powered cordless screwdriver. The latter really comes in handy when you are working on a DIY project, hanging up pictures or assembling furniture.

Battery-powered cordless screwdrivers are convenient because your hand and wrist won’t get tired like they do with manual screwdrivers. Even better, you won’t be limited to working near an electrical outlet. There are many different screwdrivers to pick from in this category, and they usually range in voltage from 3 to 10.8 volts.

Straight cordless screwdrivers are shaped like manual ones, and pistol cordless screwdrivers are compact, with more of a gun-like shape. The screwdriver’s power depends on that battery voltage — the higher it is, the stronger and heavier the screwdriver.

Features like torque power, rubberized grips, included bits and enhanced speed should also be taken into consideration when shopping for the best battery-powered cordless screwdriver.

The Best Battery-Powered Cordless Screwdrivers

1. TACKLIFE Electric Screwdriver, 4V Max Cordless Screwdriver

Price: $23.97

The TACKLIFE Electric Screwdriver, 4V Max Cordless Screwdriver weighs less than 1 pound and has a magnetic chuck that makes bit-changing fast and easy (it also works with any type of quarter-inch hex bit). You will also appreciate the built-in LED light, micro-USB charging cable and comfortable, rubberized grip handle on this little electric screwdriver.


2. DEWALT 8V MAX Cordless Screwdriver Kit

Price: $73.78

This kit includes an 8-volt straight gyroscopic electric screwdriver and a battery pack that can charge in as little as one hour. Thanks to a motion-activated variable speed from 0 to 430 rpm plus reversing control, the DEWALT 8V MAX Cordless Screwdriver Kit is one of the best battery-powered cordless screwdrivers you can buy.


3. Stalwart – 75-PT1000 Pivoting Screwdriver

Price:  $41.00

This comprehensive 35-piece set includes bits, sockets, a charger, a case and the durable 3.6-volt Stalwart Pivoting Screwdriver. The drive section measures 5.5 inches, and the entire length is just 9.5 inches — it also has two built-in LED flashlights to illuminate your work area. If you appreciate aesthetics, you’ll be pleased to know that this screwdriver comes in red or black.


4. Metabo HPT Cordless Screwdriver Kit

Price: $72.77

The Metabo HPT Cordless Screwdriver Kit is light and compact, measuring 10.55 inches long and weighing less than 1 pound. However, it is powerful enough at 3.6 volts to handle your projects with precision and ease. It has a convenient forward/reverse switch, one drill setting, plus 21 clutch settings, a dual position handle and a built-in LED light.


5. CACOOP Cordless Electric Screwdriver

Price: $19.99

Designed for smaller projects, the 4-volt CACOOP Cordless Electric Screwdriver has a long-lasting battery, 24 different bits and a forward/reverse toggle button. The top is designed to let the drill bit get close to hard-to-reach surfaces like ceilings — it also weighs under a pound, and it has a non-slip rubber handle that reduces vibration for your comfort.


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