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The Best Aesthetic Room Decor

Last updated on November 9, 2020
Best Aesthetic Room Decor

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 Best for Living Room

Power Practical Luminoodle Bias Lighting & LED TV Backlight

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Power Practical

Luminoodle Bias Lighting & LED TV Backlight

If you like to watch TV in the dark, you're probably aware that it can cause eyestrain. Bias lighting creates a subtle source of light behind the screen to improve the overall viewing experience. These lights let you choose from 15 colors, 10 brightness levels and three fade modes to help you decorate to fit your current mood or a particular holida...

Overall Take

Improves TV ViewingTake your television viewing to the next level with this set of bias lights, which are designed to reduce eyestrain and improve room aesthetics.

 Best for Patio

12APM LED Waterproof Fairy Copper String Lights, 66-Feet


LED Fairy Copper String Lights, 66-Feet

You'll get a fairy-like effect with these lights, which are designed to resist overheating. The light comes with a USB adapter, letting you power them with a power bank, computer or any other source that with USB capabilities. The lights are attached to a 66-foot plated copper wire that can bend as needed to create the perfect look.

Overall Take

Outdoor and Indoor UseThese lights use 66-foot waterproof and flexible copper wire, making them suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

 Most Colorful

Govee LED RGB Strip Rope Lights, 32.8-Feet


LED RGB Strip Rope Lights, 32.8-Feet

You'll get two 16.4-foot strips of lights in this rope light set for a total length of 32.8 feet. It has 300 LEDs, and you can switch between 20 different colors, from white to the colors of the rainbow and beyond. It comes with a remote control that you can use within 32.8 feet of the lights, but you can also control them from a box on the lights ...

Overall Take

20 Color OptionsThis 32.8-foot LED rope light provides 20 colors to allow you to decorate for every occasion.

 Best Greenery

GPARK Artificial Ivy Garland, 12-Pack


Artificial Ivy Garland, 12-Pack

This set includes 12 garlands made from artificial ivy, with 80 leaves per 82-inch strand. The leaves are made from silk, with stems that are made from plastic. You can also use this ivy for decorating parties, weddings or in any room of your house.

Overall Take

Natural-Looking GreeneryBring nature indoors with this 12-pack of 82-inch-long greenery.

Buying Guide

From a young age, children learn that having a small space they can make their own is invaluable. As children get older and move off to college or get their own apartment, that special space is usually a bedroom, especially if they have a roommate. In a college dorm, college students find their own way to decorate their section of a small, shared room.

Decorating a room doesn’t have to be complicated. The key is to showcase a little of your own personality while also creating a good aesthetic for anyone who visits. These days, that’s sometimes done through the use of string or rope LED lights. Some can be adjusted for color and brightness, sometimes even by using a remote control or smartphone app.

Tapestries can also be a fun way to liven up a room. They can take up a full wall and be enhanced with features like lights to create a unique look. Often, you’ll find that with a mural, you’ll need to match the rest of your room décor to the print you’ve chosen.

The best way to get décor ideas and inspiration is to use the internet. You’ll find sites like Pinterest can be great for looking at what others have done. You may find one perfect item that sets the tone for your entire room, and at that point, the rest of your décor will fall into place.

What to Look For

  • Lighting plays a very important role in a room’s aesthetics. A slightly dimmed light can set a different mood than lights at their brightest.
  • With any lighting, check to ensure they’re safe before you buy. You should also power your lights off when you aren’t home or while you’re sleeping.
  • Each room of your home will have its own unique aesthetic. Areas like living rooms are meant for entertaining, so they aren’t quite as personal as a bedroom, which serves as a sanctuary for the person who sleeps there. In addition to making a statement about your personality to others, it should also work in a functional way. If you’re a morning person, bright colors and window treatments that let in a lot of light are best. For night owls, strings of lights and room-darkening shades can make the space comfortable.
  • The size of your room also comes into play. You’ll have a different decorating strategy for a smaller room than you will a much larger one.
  • If you’re buying string lights, make sure you measure the area where you’ll be stringing them first. Take into account any draping or overlap you plan to do. String lights are sold in very specific sizes and those dimensions will be found on the product packaging.

More to Explore

Tapestries are a unique form of art that dates back thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used them as burial shrouds, as did the Incas. Greeks and Romans put them on display to dress up walls in civic buildings and temples. However, making a tapestry is among the most complicated and time-consuming crafts, so you don’t see them as often as other creations like blankets and quilts. For that reason, it took until the Middle Ages for the craft to truly catch on. At that point, weavers could take on the task.

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