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The Best 30-Pound Dumbbell

Last updated on February 8, 2022

We looked at the top 9 30-Pound Dumbbells and dug through the reviews from 10 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best 30-Pound Dumbbells.

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Our Picks For The Top 30-Pound Dumbbells

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 Top Pick

Amazon Basics Cast Iron & Rubber 30-Pound Dumbbell

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Amazon Basics

Cast Iron & Rubber 30-Pound Dumbbell

A solid cast iron core helps provide stability as you lift for a smooth, balanced strength-building experience. The textured rod gives you a nonslip, reliable area to grip as you work out. Each rubber-coated end of the dumbbell has a hexagonal shape to keep it from rolling when you set it down.

Overall Take

Great for Light TrainingSave space with this dumbbell, which comes in a set of one, allowing you to work out each arm separately.

" This affordable, all metal dumbbell is a multifacted fitness tool. It's the go to tool for gym goers of any level."
"Some complain of a bad smell and some get confused with it being only one dumbbell not a set."
 Runner Up

papababe Hexagon Head 30-Pound Dumbbell


Hexagon Head 30-Pound Dumbbell

You’ll get two 30-pound dumbbells in this set, each with a solid cast-iron core. The material is coated in rubber to protect your floors and equipment. Each end features a hexagon shape and an ergonomic handle to keep your hands comfortable and your grip secure.

Overall Take

For Moisture-Prone EnvironmentsA rubber coating prevents the cast iron build of this dumbbell from rusting, even in areas prone to humidity or moisture.

" Versatile And Effective-Used For Any Multi-Joint Movement . Rubber coating helps In protecting your dumbbells from rust."
 We Also Like

Gymnastics Power Rubber Compound Hex 30-Pound Dumbell

Gymnastics Power

Rubber Compound Hex 30-Pound Dumbell

Each dumbbell in this two-part set features premium cast-iron heads coated in a heavy-duty rubber to protect your floors. The steel bar has a design that keeps your hand comfortable while you lift. A nonslip surface holds your grip steady to maximize your workout and keep you safe.

Overall Take

Customizable OptionThis dumbbell is available in a variety of weights to help you adjust your workout as your needs change.

 Strong Contender

RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Round PEV Head 30-Pound Dumbbell


Round PEV Head 30-Pound Dumbbell

With a large, round design and a solid steel bar, these 30-pound dumbbells will give you the gym workout experience at home. The dumbbells are made using environmentally friendly materials. The steel rod is tightly welded to ensure the barbells don’t come loose even after months of regular use.

Overall Take

Classic DesignThis dumbbell features the classic design with a simple steel bar and two round rubber ends.

" High-quality PEV material and circular protection design. Anti-slip and wear-resisting."

Buying Guide

Few things can be as motivating as signing up for a gym membership. Spending that money each month serves as a solid incentive to stay on top of your fitness goals.

But it’s never been easier to work out at home. You don’t even have to invest hours a day. One study found that lifting weights for only one hour a week can reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke by between 40 and 70 percent. More than an hour didn’t reduce those risks a significant amount more.

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to lift weights, whether at home or in the gym. Weightlifting strengthens your muscles and bones, which can help with balance, focus and weight management. It can even reduce your risk of osteoporosis. All you need are some dumbbells for your arms and shoulders, as well as resistance exercises for your lower body and abdomen, and you’re ready to go.

Classic P.E. class exercises like sit-ups and crunches are, of course, always great to tone your stomach muscles. You can also grab a chair and do some lunges or brace yourself against the back of a chair or a wall. Resistance tubing is another option that can give you some unique exercises that will keep things interesting.

To take your strength training and toning to the next level, though, a good pair of dumbbells can make a big difference. You can find dumbbells in varying weights, going as low as a couple of pounds all the way up to hundreds of pounds.

You have some choices when it comes to strength training using barbells. You can use two weights, one in each hand, and work out both arms at once. Some choose to invest in only one barbell and work out one arm at a time. You might even choose to combine hand weights with lunges or walking to multitask your workouts.

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Our experts reviewed the top 9 30-Pound Dumbbells and also dug through the reviews from 10 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best 30-Pound Dumbbells.

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What to Look For

  • Always consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise plan. If you suffer any pain while working out, stop and check with your physician before continuing. You will, of course, have muscle soreness in the days following a new workout, especially if you’re straining a muscle that has been dormant for a while.
  • Dumbbells feature a rod in the center with two cylindrical weights on the ends. The material used to make the weight is essential. The rod will typically be metal, but the weights themselves are often coated in rubber. This coating allows you to set your barbells down between uses or store them without having to worry about them scratching your floor or other surfaces.
  • Traditional barbells featured round weights, but those proved a challenge for storing or simply setting them down. Many modern dumbbells use a hexagon shape that gives you the same functionality while still holding them in place when they’re on a flat surface.
  • Your hands can build up moisture as you work out. Many dumbbells build in some type of texturing on the surface to give you leverage while you’re holding them. This prevents slipping.
  • The rod holding the weights is an important part of the lifting experience. Some feature an ergonomic design that will keep your hands comfortable while you’re strengthening and toning.
  • Before you buy hand weights, make sure you’re clear on what you’re getting. Some are sold separately, although most are packaged in sets of two. You won’t want to be disappointed by receiving only one when you’re expecting a pair of dumbbells.
  • Storage is an important consideration when you’re purchasing workout equipment. Obviously, you’ll want barbells that won’t roll away when not in use, but you’ll also need a place to keep your weights. A shelf in a closet or a storage space under a bed can be great options.

More to Explore

The origin of dumbbells has been traced all the way back to Ancient Greece, where they first appeared in the form of something called a haltere. These crescent-shaped weights were designed for competitors to use during long jump competitions. But historians think halteres weren’t just used for competition. They may also have been used in strength-building exercises.

Another early form of dumbbells was nals, which were originally used for strength training in the Middle East. They were later adapted by British colonists and eventually brought to the west under the name “Indian Club.” Around the 1700s, a British poet documented his strength training using church bells with the clappers removed.

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