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Stock tanks are an easy and affordable way to put a pool in your backyard

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Installing a pool in your backyard can cost thousands of dollars — but doesn’t have to. Enter: stock tank pools, an affordable way to beat the heat.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, stock tanks are what you think they are. They’re intended to be used as water troughs for livestock animals, but now they’re being repurposed as backyard swimming pools. In fact, according to Country Living, an increasing number of people are buying stock tanks (you can get one for around $600) to use as swimming pools.

How to Set Up a Stock Tank Pool

Stock tank pools make sense simply because of how easy they are to set up. The Stock Tank Pools site breaks the process down into three steps, including the sizing of your tank and where in your yard you should place it, installing your filter pump and then maintaining your stock tank pool for years to come.

Stock Tank Pools recommends the Intex Filter Pump and provides a supply list on their setup page for other items you’ll need.

pool filter

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Perhaps the most difficult part is finding the perfect place to position your stock tank swimming pool, as you need to make sure it’s set up on a flat area. If you don’t have a perfectly flat spot like a deck, Stock Tank Pools recommends creating a flat surface in your yard using compacted sand or concrete.

If you want to create an in-ground version, you’ve got to make sure the area you dig is completely smooth, too. Once you’ve selected your stock tank (they come in a variety of sizes), you’ve got to clean it and add water. In order to get it ready to swim in, it’s also important to make sure you’ve got your pump and tank secured. From there, the stock tank swimming pool operates pretty much like a conventional pool, except it’s very easy to empty and refill if need be.

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Once you have your stock tank pool installed, you want to keep it in tip-top shape. Stock Tank Pools has a whole YouTube video on how to keep your water clear and sparkling:

Say hello to your new, easy-to-install summertime swimming hole!

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