It’s back! Buy one pair of boots, get two free at JCPenney

This crazy good deal is back! But hurry, because it likely won't stick around long.

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Update Dec. 6, 2017: This deal has ended—bummer!

We told you about this deal last month and it practically broke the internet.

Well, it’s back. But if the last time JCPenney ran this deal is any indication, it won’t be here for long.

When you buy one pair of boots at JCPenney, the retailer will throw in two pairs for free. Yes—you read that right. Buy one, get two free.

JCPenney say this deal is online only, so you shouldn’t hop in the car and head to the mall.

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There’s no clear end date to this sale, but it likely won’t last very long.

Also, for the rest of today (Tuesday, Dec. 5), JCPenney is offering 65 percent off when you spend $100 or 50 percent off when you spend $40 with the promo code 33FORYOU.

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Women’s Riding Boots

This pair of Arizona women’s riding boots comes in black, brown and a combination of the two colors for $79.


Women’s Booties

This pair of Arizona booties comes in taupe and black for $59.


Arizona York Booties

This pair of Arizona booties is slightly edgier, slightly more casual and priced at just $59.


Arizona Itsy Boots

These Arizona Itsy boots look so cozy! They’re priced at $59 and come in blush, black, burgundy, cognac and blue!


Arizona Olympia Booties

This pair of Arizona Olympia booties is more visually interesting than a standard pair. And they’re priced at $69!


Arizona Wide Calf Riding Boots

The best part about this deal is that JCPenney has shoes for every body type and budget, including this pair of wide-calf riding boots for $79.


There are lots of other styles included in this deal, so if you need three new pairs of boots for the price of one, head over to the JCPenney website to see for yourself!

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