The average cost of celebrity engagement rings

The most famous celebrity engagement rings are known for their size and sparkle—like Kim Kardashian’s 15-carat cushion-cut diamond ring from Kayne West, and Beyonce’s 24-carat emerald-cut bling from Jay-Z. Naturally, the magnitude of these rocks comes with a hefty price—$8 million to be exact, in the case of Kardashian West, and $4.7 million for Queen Bey.

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But surprisingly, your everyday celebrity isn’t sporting a seven-figure sparkler. In fact, the average price for a celebrity engagement ring is $757,235, according to a new report—still nothing to sneeze at if you ask us!

The highest price paid was for singer Mariah Carey’s 35-carat, emerald-cut stunner, which rang in at dizzying $10 million. The price of this one is so high that other celebrity rings, like the gorgeous $100,ooo ring given by Prince Albert of Monaco to Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock, pale by comparison.

What may be more interesting is that these insanely priced tokens of love didn’t follow the traditional rule that you should spend the equivalent of three months’ your salary on an engagement ring. The most expensive ring in the survey, Carey’s $10 million present, only cost .26 percent of former flame James Packer’s net worth of $3.9 billion (which makes it unsurprising that he let her keep it when they broke off their engagement).

Getty Images | Frederick M. Brown
Getty Images | Frederick M. Brown

Of course, this is a far cry from what the typical Joe (or Jane) spent on engagement rings in 2016. According to one study of 13,000 couples who got married last year, the average price was $6,163—still high, but certainly not stratospheric.

Betrothed couples who worry that their bling doesn’t measure up can take heart in the fact that money doesn’t buy happiness (even in Hollywood): Soccer star David Beckham spent $100,000—a relatively tiny amount of celebrity cash—for wife, Victoria’s, ring. The two are still happily married after nearly 20 years. Meanwhile, Carey and Packer never even made it to the altar, despite a $10 million diamond.

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To put it in real-person terms, one recent study of 3,000 individuals who were “ever married” revealed that men who spent $2,000 to $4,000 on engagement rings were 1.3 times more likely to end up divorced than men who spent $500 to $2,000. There you have it—cut and dry evidence that love can’t be measured by the size of a diamond.

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