Are Bath & Body Works candles on sale?

General view of the Bath and Body Works sign on November 14, 2020 at Bridge Street in Huntsville, Alabama

When it comes to iconic products, Bath & Body Works’ candles are some of the most well-known. The three wick scented candles are one of the brands’ best selling products, and with their scent longevity and display-worthy appearance, it’s easy to see why. The other great thing? They’re often on sale.

That’s the case right now. Bath & Body Works’ candles are $12.95 right now, but the deal won’t last long.

If you’re looking to make your home smell good, here are some gorgeously-scented options to fill your home with fragrance.

Daffodil Daydreams

Easter candle

$12.95 (was $26.95) at Bath & Body Works

Those looking to celebrate the joy of Easter can turn to Bath & Body Works’ Daffodil Daydreams candle which, you probably already guessed, smells like daffodils. But it also has a sweet and fresh-smelling hint of jasmine. There are also notes of marshmallow, which will complement the Peeps you get in your Easter basket this year.

Fresh Sheets

Bath & Body Works Fresh Sheets candle

$12.95 (was $24.95) at Bath & Body Works

For those looking for a crisp and clean scent, Fresh Sheets is it. Those who don’t want an in-your-face-floral (not that there’s anything wrong with them) or a gourmand, food-based aroma will love that this candle gives a nod to a fresh load of laundry. With notes of citrus and lavender, it embraces spring without going over the top.

Book Loft

Book Loft Candle Bath & Body Works

$12.95 (was $26.95) at Bath & Body Works

With warmer weather comes spring showers, and if you’re the type to snuggle up with a book during those dreary days, Bath & Body Works’ Book Loft candle can make them even more cozy. The scent has a woodsy quality that’s blended with the citrus meets spicy aroma of bergamot. Essentially, it smells like a warm getaway into another world—the perfect scent for a day spent reading.

Fresh Cut Lilacs

Lilacs candle

$12.95 (was $26.95) at Bath & Body Works

A lilac scent is reminiscent of pastel colors (like pink, lavender and light blue) and a warm spring breeze. Light this candle, close your eyes and be transported to a quiet garden with fresh morning air and soft sunlight.


Butterfly Bath & Body Works Candle

$12.95 (was $26.95) at Bath & Body Works

Is it spring yet? Bring on the butterflies! This Butterfly candle doesn’t smell like butterflies, per se — but rather like the flower petals that butterflies flutter around. There’s actually a flower called the “Butterfly Iris,” and iris is the floral scent of this candle.

There are also hints of raspberry nectar and vanilla, which would no doubt attract these lovely winged creatures, too.

Backyard Honeysuckle

Backyard Honeysuckle candle

$12.95 (was $26.95) at Bath & Body Works

This garden-scented candle will conjure sunlight streaming through petals — and the buzzing of bees as they alight upon them. Specifically, you’ll get a whiff of sweet honeysuckle, neroli nectar and orange flower blossoms.

If you don’t have honeysuckle in your backyard, set this candle on a table on your patio to enjoy its scent from natural essential oils.

 Eucalyptus Rain

Eucalyptus Rain Bath & Body Works Candle

$12.95 (was $26.95) at Amazon

Is there anything fresher than the scent of spring rain? This candle evokes that special smell and adds notes of fragrant eucalyptus and spearmint leaves for good measure.

Take in the aroma of spring and you’ll feel like you’re actually sniffing the color green!

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