Apple’s latest iPhone update lets you edit or delete text messages

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Apple launched an update on Monday that would allow iPhone owners to use new features.

One of the new features includes editing or deleting text messages.

According to the company, iPhone users can edit a message up to 15 minutes after they send it. To unsend a message, users have up to two minutes after sending it to delete it.

Apple said users could make up to five edits to a given message.

According to USA Today, for this feature to work, both the sender and recipient must use the Messages app and have downloaded the new update.

Another new feature is live text for video, allowing users to copy or translate text in a paused video.

The company said that users could also lift subjects from an image with the new update.

The iOS 16 is compatible with the second generation or later iPhone SE’s and iPhone 8 or later, the company said.

Some of the features, however, will not be available for everyone to use. The company said iPhones running the A12 chip would be able to support all the new features with the latest updates.

By Sarah Newberry, Scripps National.

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