Here’s how you can get free wings delivered by Applebee’s on Super Bowl Sunday

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While I’m not a sports fan and couldn’t care less about the commercials, I’m always up for a Super Bowl party. Why? The food, of course!

From dips and appetizers to football-shaped brownies and — a big favorite of the day — chicken wings, you really can’t go wrong with whatever you treat yourself to while enjoying some football.

And if for you, that means wings, you’ll have a lot of company, as they came in first place as the favorite Super Bowl Sunday food in a poll we conducted last year. And this year, Applebee’s is getting in on the love, giving away 1.6 million boneless wings to fans nationwide.

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Applebee’s will be giving away 40 free classic boneless wings — tossed in classic hot buffalo sauce and served with ranch dressing and celery on the side — with every delivery order of $40 or more on Feb. 2. All you have to do is load $40 worth of food in your order and use code FREEWINGS and the 40 wings are yours! You must order via the Applebee’s app or for the deal.

The deal ends once 1.6 million wings have been given away, so you may want to order early and not wait until you’re hungry. Applebee’s will deliver your order wherever you happen to be watching the game.

While you do not have to spend the $40 on wings alone, an order of boneless wings is $9.99 and looks to come with about 10 wings. That means you can end up getting about 80 wings for $40, which comes out to .50 cents a wing.


If wings aren’t your thing, DiGiorno may be giving away free pizza if that suits you better!

This one is a little trickier and you won’t actually get the pizza during the game (and maybe not at all), but if the score is 3-14 or 14-3 (also know as Pi) at any point during the game, a free pizza (pi) may be yours!

A DiGiorno spokesperson told Don’t Waste Your Money that when and if that score happens, DiGiorno will tweet a link where fans can register to receive a coupon for free pizza, redeemable on Pi Day, March 14. Once the score of the game changes, the offer ends, so you’ll want to act fast.

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Will you be ordering up some Applebee’s on Sunday to get your 40 free wings?

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