Applebee’s $1 drink of the month is Vodka Cranberry Lemonade

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While summer meant $1 vodka raspberry lemonades, blue Long Island iced teas and Mai Tais at Applebee’s, October saw a spooky cocktail called “Vampire.” And now, November is proving to be just as seasonal and festive with the brand new $1 Neighborhood Drink of the Month: Vodka Cranberry Lemonade!

Thanks to the addition of cranberry, this special drink is pretty much guaranteed to get you in the Thanksgiving spirit. The vodka cranberry lemonade is a blend of vodka, Tropicana lemonade and Ocean Spray cranberry juice, all served in a 10-ounce mug.

You can get it now through Nov. 30 at participating Applebee’s locations across the country.


Need something to go with your $1 vodka cranberry lemonade? How about some boneless wings — 25-cent boneless wings to be exact!

That’s right. Now for a limited time, Applebee’s boneless wings are just 25 cents each, regardless of whether you order five wings or 50. Doing the math is pretty simple — five wings will cost you $1.25 and you can get 50 wings for just $12.50 (not including tax and gratuity).

That means you can get 10 wings and a vodka cranberry lemonade for just $3.50! That’s a pretty tough deal to beat — and one to be incredibly thankful for this November.

The regular price of Applebee’s boneless wings appetizer, by the way, is $9.99. According to the menu photo, it looks like it comes with 10 wings or so. That makes each wing usually around $1, so the 25-cent wings are a pretty fantastic deal on all on their own.

Applebee’s boneless wings are made with crispy breaded pieces of boneless chicken tossed in classic hot buffalo sauce (other flavors are available with regularly-priced wings). Celery and dipping sauce (ranch or bleu cheese) are not included with the discounted wings, but are available for an additional cost.

The offer is available for dine-in only, so you cannot order your wings (or your vodka cranberry lemonade) to go. It is also only good for a limited time and only at participating restaurants, so be sure to check your local Applebee’s.

Will you be heading to your local Applebee’s this month for a $1 vodka cranberry lemonade or 25-cent wings?

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