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In a study conducted by the job site Career Builder and published last fall, it’s reported that more than one third of millennials have a side job.

With working to pick up extra cash on the side becoming more common, companies are springing up left and right to aid those seeking additional work.

One such example is Shiftgig, an online platform that helps people looking to take on extra work by connecting them with on-demand opportunities.


Shiftgig was founded on the simple premise that a lot of people are looking for flexible work opportunities that fit within their lives. So Shiftgig’s mission is to connect people who want on-demand work with businesses who are seeking the help.

The company currently has office locations in bigger cities, such as Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, Nashville, New Jersey, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tampa.

Though Shiftgig is only available in the cities listed above, expansion for the company is on the horizon and they encourage those interested in their services to sign up on their website for updates so you can be notified if they’re planning to expand to your area.

If you live in one of the cities where Shiftgig is already in operation, and you’re in the market for a specific side job, the site will connect you with companies hiring in your field, allowing you to work when, where and for whom you’d like.

Currently, the company is serving those with experience in these fields:

  • Hospitality
  • Hotels
  • In-store retail
  • Warehouse/distribution centers
  • Experiential marketing and promotion
  • Customer service and call centers

Here’s How It Works

You’ll first need to apply for potential side work on Shiftgig’s website. If the company sees that you’re a good match for their clients, they’ll contact you to set up an online or in-person interview.

Upon successfully completing the interview, screening process and paperwork, you’ll then be able to download their app and schedule shifts at your leisure.


“The interview process is a breeze,” Kelsey Buxton, Senior Media Buyer at The Penny Hoarder said in an article about the service. She was hired within six days of submitting her application.

Buxton also says that the app is very easy to use. It will show you a calendar and what types of gigs are available that week. In addition, the app will tell you what to bring with you to your gig, what time it starts, where you should park and even who you should meet and where to get started.


How Much Money Can Be Made?

Shiftgig states that shifts vary in pay. The rate of pay is determined by the job position, the venue or the schedule. A specialist does have the capability to claim and work as many or as few shifts as they want, and there’s no minimum or maximum number of hours required.

But those who have the “All-Star” status will be given access to client shifts ahead of other qualified specialists.

The “All-Star” status is given by Shiftgig to specialists who prove that they’re consistently reliable, punctual and high-performing. By having the status attached to your profile, your chances for opportunities are increased.

Shiftgig also offers advice, business profiles and more information about opportunities through their company blog.

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