Shopping alert! Amazon and Target just updated their free shipping policies

The two companies quietly adjusted their free shipping minimums this month.

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If you often find yourself struggling to reach the $35 threshold for free shipping on Amazon, rejoice! Without much fanfare, the online shopping go-to has changed its shipping policy.

Non-Prime members who purchase eligible products can now enjoy free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

Online shopping guide Best Black Friday reported the change on May 8 along with a timeline of policy adjustments over the past few years.

Amazon increased its free shipping minimum from $25 to $35 in October 2013. One year ago, they upped the threshold once more, going from a $35 minimum to $49. Just a few months ago, the minimum dropped back down to $35.

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Is Amazon Reacting To Shipping Competition?

Experts speculate that competition may be the driving factor behind the decreases. In January, Wal-Mart did away with its subscription service, which offered free two-day shipping on eligible items for $49 per year. Instead, the retailer changed its policy and now offers free two-day shipping on eligible order over $35.

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In April, Walmart upped the ante with its new Pickup Discount program. Shoppers will receive a discount on eligible, online-only items (products not available in stores) if they opt to pick them up at a local store rather than have items shipped to their homes.

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