Amazon Is Offering New Credit Cards And The Rewards Do Not Disappoint

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It is estimated that around 54 million people are Amazon Prime members.

It’s easy to understand. Free two-day shipping on everything imaginable, from books to clothes to makeup to food to toys? Plus access to amazing television shows like “Transparent” and other television programs (like the original “Unsolved Mysteries”), in addition to a host of other perks.

Now Amazon Prime is sweetening the deal even further. They are offering a new Visa credit card that offers 5% off all purchases.

The card can be used anywhere (unlike two of Amazon’s other Amazon-branded credit cards, which can only be used on the Amazon site), and it is also an improvement on the existing Amazon Visa credit card (which could be used at other web sites and brick-and-mortar stores, but only offered 3% cash back).

Along with offering discounts on Amazon shopping purchases, you can also get 2% cash back at gas stations, restaurants and drug stores, and 1% off all other purchases. And, if you sign up, you receive a $70 gift card to Amazon. There is also no annual fee for Amazon Prime members.

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