Amazon Opens Its First Cashierless Supermarket—Look Inside the Store of the Future

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If you haven’t heard yet, Amazon recently opened a new store.

That wouldn’t necessarily be news on its own, but Amazon’s new store is different.

There are no checkout lines—none. And no cashiers, either. Instead, customers just walk out with their groceries—yes really!

As they walk through the door, they scan their Amazon Go app, which is linked to a credit or debit card. As they pick items up off the shelves, Amazon’s technology adds them to their virtual shopping cart. When they walk out the door, their card gets charged—it’s that simple.

Amazon was previously testing this concept with its own employees, but this is the first time the public has been able to shop using the technology. The first store is located in Seattle, where Amazon has its headquartered.

Here’s a look inside the new store.

What Does The Store Of The Future Look Like?

Here’s what the outside looks like.

amazon go photo

This sign instructors shoppers to open their Amazon Go app as they enter.

amazon go photo

This is what shoppers see when they walk in the store and scan their phones to enter. Note the sign above the door to remind people that they don’t have to stop to pay: “You’re good to go (really)!”

amazon go photo

Here’s how the scanning works.

amazon go photo

The store is like a grab-and-go convenience store, with groceries, prepared foods and meal kits.

amazon go photo

This photo shows some of the premade sandwiches, such as a burrata caprese sandwich and a Mediterranean lamb sandwich.

amazon go photo

Here’s an Amazon Go employee working on the first day the store was open.

amazon go photo

Get a look inside the store here: