Amazon Is Selling Kits To Grow Your Own Avocado Tree For Just Under $20


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If you’re anything like me, you know that avocado makes everything better. Avocado on your sandwich? Awesome! Avocado on your burger? Divine! Avocado on your salad? I wouldn’t eat it in any other way. And of course, toast just isn’t the same without an avocado spread. If she can’t mash up fresh avocado with some lime juice and sea salt and then spread it on her toast, my 4-year-old daughter is not having toast.

Unfortunately, avocados can be pricey, especially if you accidentally wait too long to use them. One day, they’re perfectly ripe, and the next day, they’re brown and mushy.

Which is why I’ve long daydreamed about having my own avocado tree. I mean, how sweet would it be if I could just pick my own avocados in my backyard?

Enter the AvoSeedo.


This kit, available for $19.95 on Amazon, allows you to grow your own avocado tree. All you have to do is peel an avocado pit (perhaps the last one you’ll ever purchase from the supermarket?), put it into the AvoSeedo and wait. Once your avocado plant has grown about 20 centimeters tall and has some leaves, you can then remove it from the AvoSeedo and plant it with soil into the plant pot.

According to the product description, it can take 3-6 weeks for an avocado pit to crack open and start to germinate, depending upon the breed of your avocado seed and the temperature where you live. The brand insists, however, that about 90% of all avocado pits start to grow at some point, and that users should just be patient.


But before you all go wild and toss out your supermarket discount cards, commenters on Amazon have pointed out that it can take 5-6 years for your avocado plant to yield fruit … if it ever does at all. Until then, it’s just a fun project to do with your kids and a quirky houseplant.

In the meantime, what can you do if you’ve purchased an avocado that’s not yet ripe and you’re nervous that you might end up waiting a little too long to slice it open? You could always try this trick for ripening your avocado in just 10 minutes. Or you can pick up this nifty storage container that keeps your sliced avocado from going bad.

Whatever you decide, the AvoSeedo still seems pretty cool even if it never produces fruit:

Would you give it a try?

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