Save At Least 30% On Diapers Through Amazon Right Now

Drop what you’re doing, because Amazon has a great deal on diapers right now.

It’s a little complicated so bear with us as we explain how to stack several coupons to save the most money (shoutout to SlickDeals for catching this deal!).

This deal is good on Honest Diapers on Amazon. You’ll need to be an Amazing Prime member and an Amazon Family member.

Want to sign up for Amazon Family? It shouldn’t take long if you visit this link.

Here are the stackable ways to save right now on Honest Diapers:

  • 30 percent off for Amazon Prime members (these savings are automatically applied at checkout)
  • 15 percent off coupon for some shoppers (it looks like this one is not available to everyone)

As always, you can save even more when you select “Subscribe and Save.” You can save 5 percent right off the bat, or 20 percent if you subscribe to at least five eligible products.

We tested it out so you can see our results below:

Depending on the coupons you’re eligible for, your total may look slightly different from ours. But either way, this is a great deal on diapers!