Potted Mini Succulents Are Just $1.99 at Aldi

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Do you love plants but weren’t exactly blessed with a green thumb? You, my fellow accidental plant killer, need succulents!

If you’ve never owned a succulent, they are known for being low maintenance and needing very little water, so they’re pretty hardy and perfect for anyone that doesn’t do well with other plants.

And now, just in time for summer, Aldi is selling mini succulents for just $1.99 at their stores. According to Hip2Save, there are more than 11 varieties to choose from, depending on your location.


Succulents can be grown indoors or outdoors and are great for small spaces because they won’t get much bigger than the pot they’re planted in. And when they do start to outgrow themselves a bit, you can just trim them back and grow even more plants!

That’s right — next to barely having to care for them, the next best part is that you can easily grow new plants from clippings or individual leaves and stems. That means your $1.99 can stretch way further if you take care of the succulent you purchased.

Called “propagating”, the method used to regenerate your succulents is pretty simple. Just take a fleshy part of the plant, as it is the easiest to regenerate, and plant it. All you need is one plant to produce multiple new plants.

You’ll actually need to propagate your plant anyway to keep it healthy when it gets too grown out. You can tell when you need to start propagating when the gaps between the leaves get larger, which usually means they’re reaching for more sunlight. You can find out more about how to care for your new succulents with our ultimate guide to propagating succulents.


Obviously, at just $1.99 for a plant that can easily turn into more plants, these succulents probably won’t be available for long so you might want to head to your local Aldi store as soon as possible.

Have you ever grown succulents in your home?

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