These Floating Wine Glasses Are Just $2.49 At Aldi


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Get ready to entertain in style this summer! These floating wine glasses are sure to take your summer parties to the next level. They look like actual wine glasses, so they’re sure to inject a bit of class compared to your usual drinking-wine-out-of-a-Solo-cup situation.

The best part about the attractive plastic cups — besides the fact that they’ll float beside you in the pool — is that they’re priced at just $2.49 at Aldi.

The wine glasses are designed to stay upright, giving you the perfect opportunity to set your wine glass down while you’re getting situated on your pool float. But as the product description points out, they’ll stick right into the sand to keep your wine from spilling when you’re at the beach, too.


So, whether you’re floating in a pool or lying on a beach towel by the ocean, these cups will make the perfect companion all summer long.

The Crofton floating wine glasses are available in clear, blue or white. They are made of BPA-free plastic and can be found at Aldi stores.


If you’re looking for things that will make your summer parties and beach trips even better this summer season, these glasses are just one of the items you need on your shopping list. There are plenty of other exciting products that are sure to make this summer the best one yet.

For instance, this floating cooler is a one-stop buffet station that will keep your food chilled and accessible even from the water. As if that wasn’t enough, this float lights up, so the party can keep going even after dark.

The 4-foot long floating cooler is available for just $24.99 at PoolCandy.


There’s also this Mac Sports Beach Day Lounger, which serves as both a beach chair and wagon to cart all of your things — all wrapped into one product.

It has wheels, a handle and a mesh lining that make carrying boogie boards and other accessories as easy as possible. Simply pull all your equipment along behind you! Then, it unfolds to be the perfect beach chair, complete with a footrest. With something like this, the trek to the beach gets a whole lot easier.

It’s available for approximately $131 on Amazon.


Pair either of these with the wine glasses from Aldi, and you’ve got the makings of a perfect summer. So, invite the neighbors over and fire up the grill, or start planning that beach vacation — because once you’ve got this gear, summer’s officially here!

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