How to be an Airbnb host when you don’t have a spare room

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More than 160 million guests have used Airbnb to find a place to lay their weary heads in more than 65,000 cities around the globe. Chances are good that at least a handful of users want to stay in your town. Perhaps you could earn a nice chunk of change by becoming an Airbnb host?

Of course, if you have a vacation home, basement apartment or guesthouse, you could probably earn a sizable extra income renting it out to vacationers, convention participants and other travelers. However, what if you don’t have a spare bedroom, let alone an extra dwelling?

Believe it or not, you can cash in on this lodging trend even if your life takes up every inch of your space. It will require some creative thinking and perhaps stepping outside of your comfort zone, but it just might be the ideal way to rake in some extra cash. How?

Help Pay For Your Own Vacation

The next time you plan to travel for work or leisure, list your place on Airbnb for the dates you’ll be away. Depending on where you’re staying and who is paying for your lodging, you could offset your expenses or even come out ahead.

Have An Impromptu Sleepover Outside Your Home

Keep your home listed on an ongoing basis and think of it as an adventure. When someone books your place, pack up and spend the night (or weekend or week) elsewhere. Take the kids and camp out at Grandma’s, crash at a friend’s house or find another cheap or free place to stay. The outing will be enjoyable and you’ll earn some dough in the process.

Make The Most Of Small Spaces

Take a long, hard look at your home and consider whether you could create a creative sleeping space. For instance, a semi-private nook or a curtained-off section of your living room could serve as a cozy spot for tired travelers. Alternatively, perhaps you could swap your dining room furniture for a bed and nightstand.

Crash On Your Own Sofa

There are people who rent out their sofas and you can certainly do the same. Sofa sleepers and futons may have even more appeal. Another option is to rent out your room while you crash on the couch. Be sure to list your lodging details clearly so guests don’t feel misled.

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Create A Campground

Perhaps you have more spare room outdoors than you do inside. You can list a decked-out tent, a simpler shelter (perhaps with an extension cord from the house, access to a bathroom and limited kitchen use) or even space for campers to pitch their own tents.

Become A Co-Host

If you have exhausted every possibility and simply do not have an inch or room to spare, you can still make some money with Airbnb. One way is to become a co-host. Help your friends, relatives or neighbors host guests staying in their homes. You can determine how much or how little involvement you want to provide and earn a percentage of the booking earnings for each guest you help host.

Host An Experience

You can also create an experience and share it with Airbnb guests, giving them an insider’s view into life where you live. As a sort of freelance tour guide, you might take travelers to the best restaurants off the beaten path, the nature spot only locals know about or a walking tour of a historic neighborhood. Turn your passion about your home base into money in your pocket.

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Airbnb can still be a solid side gig for you. You just have to think outside the box!

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