9 things you didn’t know you could make in your bread machine

Bread machine

Single-purpose appliances can take up a lot of space in your kitchen and collect dust in between uses. So while you may have the best bread machine, don’t let it sit idle in between loaves when you could be using it for so many other things.

Because a bread machine is essentially an oven with a kneading dough attachment, you can adapt it for other recipes that need similar cooking means.

Your bread machine may have a jam setting on it that can be used for jams, jellies, yogurt and similar items.

But have you tried making these dough-based and decidedly not dough-based foods in your bread machine?

Nontraditional Bread Machine Ideas


If you haven’t indulged in this delicious rice dessert, you’re missing out! While you can actually buy bread machines with a mochi setting, if yours only has a dough setting, that works, too.

Add some cooked sweet rice, let the dough setting turn it into a paste, then roll the dough into individual balls on a surface covered in corn or potato starch to prevent sticking.


Chicken and Dumplings

You can make chicken soup in your bread machine and then add the dough for dumplings towards the end for a delicious combination.

You can also make lots of other soups and stews in your bread machine since it will both cook and stir your liquids at the same time. Here’s a recipe for homemade tomato soup via bread machine.


Chocolate Pudding

Sure, you can make instant pudding, but if you want more traditional chocolate (or other) pudding without having to stir the mixture for it on a stovetop as it cooks, the bread machine is the answer!

Its kneading paddles will do the job for you while it cooks on the “jam” setting in the machine.


Udon Noodles

Yummy, fat, Japanese udon noodles can be enjoyed a number of ways whether in broth, stir-fried or just in sauce.

You can also make the dough for the udon noodles in your bread machine before rolling and cutting the dough and cooking them in boiling water.



The cake setting in your bread machine is perfect for making cheesecake! Add all the ingredients for a typical cheesecake to your bread machine bowl, let it bake, remove the bowl and let is cool before flipping your cheesecake onto a plate.

If you want a graham cracker crust, pause your machine an hour before the cake setting is done and add the crumbly ingredients to the top of the cheesecake in progress. When you invert the cooked cake, the top will be the bottom.


Dough-based But Still Unusual Bread Machine Uses


You can simplify the process of making homemade croissants by making the dough in your bread machine. You’ll still have to roll out and add butter to various layers of the dough, but the bread machine helps keep the cleanup easier, according to Liana’s Kitchen.



You can make a delicious doughnut dough right in your bread machine, no mixing required. Just put all the ingredients in your bread bowl and let the machine do the rest on the “dough” setting.

Some resting of the dough is required before you can form your doughnut shapes and cook them in oil (or bake them).

You can make pretzel dough similarly.


Cinnamon Rolls

Forget kneading and “proofing” your own cinnamon roll dough when you have a bread machine that’ll do it for you. The machine will make a ready-to-roll-out dough you then add your filling to before baking.



Naan is a wonderful side dish for so many dishes, from traditional Indian food to soups and stews. Make your own naan in a bread machine to save yourself some hands-on time.

You can also make pita bread and pizza dough in a bread machine.


Do all these mouth-watering ideas make you want to buy a bread machine already?

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