9 Things That Are More Expensive On Amazon—And Where You Should Buy Them Instead

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With 310 million active customers worldwide, it is safe to say that Amazon is the go-to retailer for everything from appliances to zip ties. However, it’s easy to get used to the convenience and become complacent rather than shop around and compare prices to make sure you are getting the best deal. We’ve done the legwork for you and discovered nine types of items you should never buy on Amazon because you can get them cheaper somewhere else.

1. Breakfast And Beverages

With an array of specialty items not always available in local retailers and an onslaught of new grocery services, one might think that stocking up on staples from Amazon is ideal. However, you are more likely to grab greater savings on pantry items at Target and Walmart. A recent study showed that Amazon was 97 percent more expensive than Target on beverages and 93 percent more expensive on breakfast items.

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2. Small Appliances

Although Amazon may have a massive selection of toaster ovens and humidifiers, they cannot lay claim to the best prices for smaller kitchen and household appliances. Instead, grab your membership card and head to Costco, where prices not only beat Amazon but Sam’s Club and QVC, as well.

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3. “Green” Cleaning Products

Keeping your home clean without using scary chemicals can be costly, but you can save some green on environmentally friendly cleaners when you know where to shop. Skip adding these items to your Amazon cart and stick with local retailers, such as Walmart, drugstores and grocery store chains instead.

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4. Bedding

Procuring fresh, new sheets, comforters and other items to update your bedroom at the best prices often comes down to timing. Keep your eye out for white sales, which retailers typically offer in January. You can find gorgeous, luxuriant bed linens in department stores and online retailers such as Overstock.com or Joss & Main at prices much lower than Amazon’s.

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5. Paper Goods

It might seem simpler to order bulky paper items on Amazon and have them delivered to your front door, but you are paying for the convenience. You can save much more on paper staples such as paper towels, paper plates and toilet paper by loading up at your favorite warehouse store.

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6. Name-Brand Clothing

Shopping for clothes online can be tricky. Sizes can vary greatly from one retailer to the next and making returns or exchanges is a hassle. Although Amazon’s policies help simplify the process, you can try on pieces and get better deals on name brand attire at department stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Ross.

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7. Party Supplies

Planning a party can be pricey. Plus, after all of the shopping, planning and celebrating, everything ends up in the trash. While Amazon offers party supplies in a wide variety of themes, you can save a ton by hitting the party aisle at your local dollar store, instead. You can grab everything from gift wrap to decorations to favors at Dollar Tree for just a buck.

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8. Batteries

It seems you can never have enough batteries, so keeping a stash on hand makes sense. While you can find deals for those AAs on Amazon, snagging a stockpile on your next Costco shopping trip is smarter. Consumer Reports gives the Kirkland Signature brand (which cost less than $.30 per battery) an excellent rating.

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9. School Supplies

Although the idea of fighting crowds during back-to-school shopping may make shopping online more tempting, you can keep more of your cash if you stick to local retailers. For most school supplies, Walmart is your best bet, although you can find deep discounts at Target and office supply stores, as well.

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