7 Strange Items That May Actually Be Worth A Lot Of Money

Variety is the spice of life, as we all know. There’s a reason so many adages to the effect of “different strokes for different folks” exist. And this is definitely the case when it comes to the way we spend our money.

Some of us love to save, some are can’t resist splurging on shoes, while others love to collect old or rare items. Thanks to the internet, the collectors among us no longer have to scour flea markets across the country. Coins, vintage prints, vinyl records—whatever our poison, we can buy and sell it online.

And some collector’s items are selling for a premium. Take a look at the list below. Got anything similar lying around at home? You may be sitting on some serious cash.

1. Pig In A Cage

This pig is one of four swine sculptures that were placed around the city of Cincinnati back in 2000. You never know when that piece of art you buy will appreciate in value. This one sold $6,552.

2. Soft Sculpture Named “Sam”

This hand-crafted soft sculpture is ready for his next black-tie event. The tuxedo-clad Sam sold for $430.

3. Gold Teeth

Hey, the price of gold is no joke these days! This pair of gold teeth sold for $76.

4. 1994 Cadillac El Dorado

Think no one wants your old luxury car from the ’90s? Think again! This one sold for $6,155 in 2015.

5. Silver Dollars

This bag of nearly 1,000 silver dollars sold for $17,096. Got any of these lying around your house?

6. Old Baseball Cards

This collection, which includes Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays cards, sold for a whopping $12,500.

7. Armadillo Taxidermy

Taxidermy may not be for everyone, but this armadillo received 29 bids online and ultimately sold for $170.

So there we have it. What one considers trash, another considers treasure indeed. Thankfully we have the internet to better connect to us to all the items we just can’t wait to spend our money on, whether that’s Beanie Babies or vintage Louis Vuitton.

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