5 pressure-washing videos that are oddly satisfying to watch


If you’ve ever watched a baking video — not because you cared about what they were making, but because there’s something satisfying about watching the process culminate in a perfect product at the end — then you understand just how soothing these types of videos can be. Well, it turns out that videos showing the act of pressuring washing a surface can be just as relaxing. Who knew?

These videos show how people turn stained decks, concrete and more into gleaming surfaces that look just as good as the day they were installed. They do this by using highly pressurized water to clear away dirt and grime that’s built up over time, and yeah — there’s a sense of accomplishment that goes along with that. Even if you’re just a viewer watching it all unfold!

Don’t believe it? Just watch!

1. Concrete Driveway

This video from the Copper Creek Cuts Lawn Care YouTube channel demonstrates the satisfying quality of using a pressure washer to clean and restore a concrete driveway. There’s even a classical music soundtrack to accompany it:

2. Brick House

The mold and mildew on this brick house was no match for a pressure washer, as the video from the On The Spot Pressure Washing Services Walter Turner YouTube channel demonstrates. The soothing sound of water coupled with the removal of all of that built-up grime is just the kind of thing that’ll help you relieve some stress:

3. Wooden Ramp

You’d never know the wood underneath all of this build-up was a deep mahogany color. But, a bit of pressure washing was able to get an outdoor deck looking good as new, as the YouTube video from Wash Safe showcases. And since this appears to be an accessibility ramp, possibly at a park or natural area, the added bonus that this will benefit others makes this video feel extra good:

4.  PVC Fence

This video from the Something 2LookAt YouTube channel has a little extra fun with the pressure washing process. The cleaner makes designs in the debris that gets removed, so you’ll definitely get some enjoyment out of watching this PVC fence get restored to its shiny white state:

5. Dirty Truck

By using a foam and water combination, the Superior Hotsy YouTube channel demonstrates how easily dirt and grime get removed to restore this truck to its white color. It just proves that going off-roading and then coming home to pressure wash your vehicle could be the perfect way to blow off some steam:

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If you’re interested in getting the soothing (and cleaning!) effects of pressure washing in-person, you can invest in one to use around your yard and home.

From gas-powered versions to electric models, you can find high-quality pressure washers that will help you get your outdoor area looking incredible just in time for summer — and give you the satisfaction that goes along with making it happen.

Anyone ready to find something to pressure wash after seeing these videos? We’re with you!

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