Try these 4 tried and true methods to help you make $1 million

If you think most get-rich-quick schemes are scams, you’re probably be right. But there are some tried and tested strategies that can actually make you a millionaire sooner than you might think. Check out these four strategies, backed by real-life examples, that could make you a millionaire practically overnight.

1. Sell Something People Actually Want

Alicia Shaffer is a mom to three-turned-entrepreneur who earns $70,000 a month through her Etsy shop selling handmade items such as scarves, socks and headbands. Shaffer says originality is the secret to her success. “Offer something that’s different and stands out from what everybody else is doing. Don’t do what everyone else is doing because you’ll get lost in the photos and get lost in the other products. Be different. You can have a similar product, but be different in how you photograph or describe it,” she told the Penny Hoarder.

Another example of a “mom-trepreneur” who struck it big with her unique product idea? Joy Mangano found major success when she invented the Miracle Mop and sold it through QVC. Her net worth is reportedly around $50 million.

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2. Invest In Real Estate

Julie Broad turned a modest savings of $16,000 into enough money to retire at age 31 by buying a property valued at $160,000. “If you have $16,000 to invest (which is what I started with seven years ago), you can buy $16,000 worth of stocks and bonds,” she wrote at MyWifeQuitHerJob.com. “But, if you buy real estate, you can buy a property worth $160,000 (which is exactly what I did). If your stocks go up in value by 5%, you’ve made $800. But if your property goes up by 5% you’ve made $8,000!”

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3. Become A YouTube Star

There’s famous, and then there’s internet-famous, the latter of which can surprisingly earn you some big bucks. You may have never heard of him, but comedian RayWJ made a million dollars in a single year posting funny videos. You really have to stand out from the crowd in order to actually cash in using the site, because you only make a couple thousand dollars for every million views.

4. Gamble…No, Seriously

While you might think gambling is a loser’s game, there are ways to play it safe and still potentially hit it big. Case in point? In 2014, The Mirror profiled seven people who became millionaires playing poker. Not into the casino? Just head to your local gas station and buy a lottery ticket. While the odds are certainly not in your favor, you could get lucky, just like Cynthia Stafford, who ended up winning a cool $112 million from the lottery in California.

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