20 New Amazon Dash Buttons Added!

I don’t think Amazon could make things any easier.  I’m sure you have all heard about Amazons Dash Buttons and if you haven’t, I’ll explain how these work with three easy steps:

  1. Set it: Use Amazon’s App and pair you Dash Button to the product of your choice
  2. Press it: Press your Dash Button when you are running low on your favorite products
  3. Get it: Get your product delivered right to your door before you run out

Easy enough right? Amazon has created these buttons for your convenience and trust me, they are worth it.  Amazon has buttons for almost all the products you could need and they just added 20 new buttons!

Keep a button in your pantry for when you run out of your favorite snack.

[asa2]B01C3JEEC0[/asa2] [asa2]B0187TNGGK[/asa2]

Keep a button in your bathroom for that dreadful time when you realize your out of toilet paper or you need a new bottle of body wash. 



Is your pet bugging you about treats but you ran out? Click! The treats are at your door step in no time!

[asa2]B01LXTA9CM[/asa2] [asa2]B01LZ43G2R[/asa2]

Amazon has everything you need and you can get it all with the press of a button.

If you’re not a big fans of having buttons around your home, you can buy the Amazon Dot and enable similar functionality.