10 High-Paying Side Jobs You Can Start Now

Most people would love to earn some extra cash on the side, but it’s hard to find something that’s not too time-consuming with good pay. Luckily, if you’re on the hunt for a good side gig, half the work has already been done for you. FlexJobs, a website that features telecommuting and flexible jobs, has put together a list of high paying jobs you can do on the side.

To qualify for the list, these jobs needed to be part-time and pay more than double the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. Here are 10 of the best high-paying side jobs you should consider.

1. Curriculum Writer

You can earn $50 an hour writing curriculum for different educational institutions. If you have an experience in the education field and can help with development and writing, this side job is a match for you.

2. City Guide Writer

Turn your love for travel or your knowledge of your hometown into a freelance job that can make $50 to $100 a project. Many websites or tourism businesses need writers to to write city guides with information about what to do and see.

3. Business Consultant

Consulting is a convenient side job if you’ve dabbled in the business world. Past management experience is required, but by helping companies handle their businesses, you can make $48 an hour or more.

4. Project Manager

Some business need a manager for a specific project, and if you have experience in that field, you can be hired on a freelance basis to see something through from start to finish. Jobs like these can pay up to $43 an hour.

5. Sign Language Interpreter

If you are licensed in sign language, you can become a contracted interpreter and make around $36.50 an hr. Different places may need one-time or part-time interpreters, so it can be useful to get a state-sponsored license if you have the necessary sign language experience.

6. Web Designer

If you’ve got graphic design skills, you can put those to use on the side by creating and managing web-design elements of people’s sites, and you can make around $32 an hour.

7. Photographer

If you are a skilled photographer, there could be a number of side jobs waiting for you. Businesses often needs part-time or freelance photographers to shoot products or events for $20 an hour and up. Plus families are always looking for talented photographers to capture special moments, from weddings to portraits for holiday cards.

8. Online Communications Associate

An online communications associate position consists of working on social media, updating web content and creating reports. It can pay up to $25/hour.

9. Teacher Video Reviewer

For $25 an hour, video reviewers assess the classroom performance of teachers who send videos in to receive feedback. This job is ideal for certified teachers with experience in education.

10. Accountant

Most accounting jobs are full-time, but part-time accounting can include helping businesses or individuals with their finances, whether it’s more consistent or just during tax season. Side accounting jobs can pay $25 an hour.


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