These are the best cities to live in if you’re looking for a job

Would you move to one of these cities for a new job?


Finding a job in today’s market is easier than it was, but it can still take time and energy. Part of that hinges on what industry you’d like to work in, but another big part of it is where you live. For example, if you want to be a marine biologist, living in Kansas probably isn’t going to work out for you.

To take some of the guesswork out of the whole situation, top job search website Indeed looked at a variety of factors and compiled a list of the best cities to live in if you’re looking for a job.

Factors That Make The List

Here are the factors Indeed considered:

  • How favorable was the local labor market to job seekers?
  • What’s the average salary, taking into account the cost of living in each city?
  • How high do employers score for work-life balance in Indeed’s review database?
  • How high do employers score for job security and advancement opportunities in Indeed’s review database?

Here are the top 25 cities for job seekers using Indeed’s methodology:

Top 25 Cities For Job Seekers

25. Richmond, Virginia

richmond photo

24. Dallas, Texas

dallas photo

23. Phoenix, Arizona

phoenix skyline photo

22. Virginia Beach, Virginia

virginia beach photo

21. Providence, Rhode Island

providence photo

20. Tampa, Florida

tampa photo

19. Charlotte, North Carolina

charlotte north carolina photo

18. Hartford, Connecticut

hartford connecticut photo

17. Seattle, Washington

seattle photo

16. San Antonio, Texas

san antonio texas photo

15. Los Angeles, California

los angeles california photo

14. Atlanta, Georgia

atlanta georgia photo

13. Riverside, California

riverside california photo

12. San Francisco, California

san francisco california photo

11. Las Vegas, Nevada

las vegas nevada photo

10. Memphis, Tennessee

memphis tennessee photo

9. Houston, Texas

houston texas photo

8. San Diego, California

san diego california photo

7. Jacksonville, Florida

jacksonville florida photo

6. San Jose, California

san jose california photo

5. Sacramento, California

sacramento california photo

4. Austin, Texas

austin texas photo

3. Raleigh, North Carolina

raleigh photo

2. Orlando, Florida

orlando photo

1. Miami, Florida

The winner was Miami, which scored super high marks for work-life balance, job security and opportunities for advancement. Though your salary won’t stretch as far in Miami, this warm city scored such high marks in other categories that it topped Indeed’s list.

Ready to move there? You might look for a job with cruise line Carnival or Lennar, a company that builds new homes around the country, as these are the biggest employers in Miami.

Miami photo

Want to learn more about how each city fared in Indeed’s survey? You can check out a more detailed version of the list on Indeed’s website.

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