6 Ways To Save At Stores Like Home Depot And Lowes


If you’re a homeowner, tinkerer, or just someone that likes to build things, you probably make occasional trips to home improvement stores like Lowes or Home Depot.

Every spring, homeowners flock to these stores to get flowers, mulch and other materials to make the interior and exterior of your home looking its best. While they have pretty good prices, there are always more ways you can save.

Here’s six tips to save even more at the register.

1. Take Advantage Of Their Price-Matching

Like many retailers, both stores will price-match competitors coupons. I personally shop at Lowes because not only will they price match an advertised price on something, but beat it by 10 percent. Score.

2. Damaged Packaging May Get A Discount

Having damaged boxes on the shelves is unsightly for retailers. If you spot damaged packaging on a product you want to buy, ask the manager if they would consider giving you a discount. Never hurts to ask, right?

3. Buy Items On Ebates

Ebates give you cash back when you shop. While I didn’t most recently see Home Depot and Lowes listed, I did find that Ebasts will give you a discount + 3 percent cash back (and additional coupons) if you use them to purchases items online from Ace Hardware.

4. Sign Up For The Garden Club

If you sign up for Home Depot’s Garden Club or Lowes’ Garden Club Select, you’ll get coupons and tips, tricks and advice on different types of home improvement.    I often receive a $10 off $50 coupon from these clubs.

5. Use Your Military Discount

If you (or an immediate family member) have a valid Military-ID, bring it with you and get a 10-percent discount on any items purchased in-store at Lowes. Not all Home Depot stores honor this, so be sure to call your store before you go and load your cart.

6. Purchase Discounted Gift Cards Beforehand

You can buy discounted gift cards from sites like Raise and Cardpool.  With these services, others have received the cards (and don’t want them) so they sell them to these sites for a portion of what’s loaded onto the card. The savings get passed along to you. I’ve personally done this and it’s a great way to save.  Typically, you save 5-10% on gift cards.   You can buy them instantly on the phone while at the store for a quick 5% savings on your order.

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