These are the 20 most popular gift cards of 2017

Is there someone on your list who is difficult to buy for? You can't go wrong with one of these gift cards!

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You have read all of the gift guides. You have browsed, researched and read reviews. You have listened for dropped hints and asked parents, children and significant others for ideas, but you still do not know what to get for that particularly tricky person on your list.

Stop stressing and go for the presents that even the most difficult to shop for recipients will appreciate: gift cards.

Gift cards are easy to buy (you can snag them online or even grab them at the grocery store) and they allow recipients to get what they really want. The worst-case scenario is that they won’t like the retailer you picked and even then they can sell, trade, donate or find other beneficial ways to use the gift card.

But wait; it gets even easier. WalletHub has done the legwork for you.

WalletHub compared gift cards from 100 of the largest retailers. They ranked them in popularity based on the number of people who searched for each gift card online. Check out this rundown of the top 20 most popular gift cards based on this research and wrap up your holiday shopping in no time.

You probably can’t go wrong buying gift cards from any of the retailers on this list!

20. Kroger

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19. Fandango

fandango photo
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17. Victoria’s Secret (tie)

victoria secret store photo
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17. Giant Eagle (tie)

giant eagle store photo
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15. Best Buy (tie)

best buy photo
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15. Macy’s (tie)

macys photo
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12. Home Depot (tie)

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12. Google Play (tie)

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12. Netflix (tie)

netflix photo
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11. Costco

costco photo
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10. eBay

ebay photo
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9. Sephora

sephora photo
Getty Images | Thomas Lohnes

8. Disney

disney photo
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6. Starbucks (tie)

starbucks photo
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6. Target (tie)

target photo
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4. American Express (tie)

American Express

4. iTunes (tie)

ITunes Gift Card
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3. Walmart

walmart photo
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1. Visa (tie)

visa gift card photo
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1. Amazon (tie)

amazon gift card photo
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Choose a gift card from a store or brand that fits your recipient’s personality, lifestyle and hobbies. Giving gift cards for products and services your friends and family will enjoy shows how much you care while saving you hours of strife.

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